A'udhu billahi mina sh-shaytaanir-rajeem! Bismillah...


A first time mom's motherhood feelings encapsulated. 
“ Motherhood is a divine acquaintance-  words fall short to describe the length and depth of it.

♥ Do you think an unanticipated kick on one's tummy ever make her burst into spontaneous thrill? I know yes, since when I experienced the first kick of my baby on 25th May 2009.

♥ Few words which made me glad to the most, even under a half-conscious sedation is 'Nishana, congratulations! It's a baby girl' when my doc announced in my ears from OT.

♥ The most marvelous sight I ever had in my entire life time is the first look at a baby girl wrapped in a wadded white cloth blanket.

♥ If I have ever been happy while hearing someone cry,  that's on 11 th Oct 2009, 12. 37 PM when my baby girl was just taken out of my womb accompanied with three splendid cries.

♥ The most indescribable, flabbergasting emotion I have ever come across is when she was laid next to me and knowing that she was just an extension of myself with same blood flowing through her veins and her flesh being a piece extracted from me.

♥ If I have ever been happy while giving up, that's of course when I was compelled to forget few of my pleasures for her.

♥ If a smile could ever make me shed tears of happiness, that's on 28th day of my girl's birth when she smiled at my face for first time ever.

♥  I realized that even a tiny, trifling thing in the vicinity must be counted since when she started mouthing everything she comes across.

♥ If a single tiny foot step could ever make me proud, that's exactly on 12th Aug 2010, 11.00 pm when my angel took her first step.

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  1. You should be a proud mom.. Wow, what a piece on motherhood.. Lucky you are.. and lucky to be a girl.. I love your words.. and Liya is a princess for sure..

    Someone is Special

  2. Your words made my day blissful, I owe you for that.

    Lucky you are.. and lucky to be a girl Hmm, I am glad that few words could make a boy say that..:) Every girl is special, every girl child is even special. And of course every motherhood is a touching tale..:)

  3. I understand your feelings whole-heartedly : )

  4. Beautiful writing, takes me back to when my 2 were little

  5. those first smiles - precious

  6. SprigBlossoms said...

    I am sure every mom would..:)

    emmawindsor said...

    Glad that it helped you recall your best times in life, Thanks and I hope to see you around.

  7. @ Glen- very true! Thanks for stopping by sharing your words. Looking forward to your regular visits and thoughts..:)

  8. Such beautiful words, and so true! Children are such a blessing and we should treasure each moment with them and be grateful they have been loaned to us for a time.

  9. Loved this! It made me think of all those times with my 2 girls!

  10. Emotional intelligence is probably the clearest category in which mothers benefit, though. One of the biggest brain boosts for moms is the ability to see the world through someone else's eyes.

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  11. So glad to have found you. What a sweet post! Tracy from VB!

  12. Like mother, like daughter. Well written, you have torn a piece of your heart for us to read here. Love you both


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