A'udhu billahi mina sh-shaytaanir-rajeem! Bismillah...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

First hair styling..!

Liya had her head baring many times in a years time. As I mentioned earlier, the first one was precisely on 7th day of her birth, according to Islamic teaching. She doesn't have a dense strong hair pattern. It is kinda of sparse and feeble. I have done quite lot of experiments on her hair, to make it lustrous and bushy- but did not succeed so far. In rural India, it is a common belief that if you shave off baby's hair it grows thicker, but there is no scientific evidence to support this  OR no doctors agree to this myth either.
Memoir for first hair cut!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Updates: 14 months

Liya is on her 14 th month now. I guess, after 1 till 3 is the most crucial time in one baby's and her/his parent's life. Its amazing to watch a toddler, but equally dangerous if your eyes fall away from them for a while. They are really quick, faster that light sometimes..:)

As I work remotely nowadays, I get enough time to watch Liya- the way she learns, explores, decides and implement her actions. Seems like she has grown up all of sudden.

Below are few interesting things I noticed in this month.

1) She is trying to be as independent as she can! She eats almost everything with her hand, and doesn't much like if I give anything on her mouth. She tries to wear her dress, diapers etc alone but she is yet to learn that.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

First snow fall ever

Today Liya and I watched snow fall for the first time ever in our life. It is really beautiful, words, photos or even videos can never tell you how beautiful it is. Indeed a wonderful experience. One should 'experience' it to know the beauty and beast in it. The greenish lawns, roads, steps, pathways, withered trees...all turned white in few minutes.

Photos just before snow fall

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 1 in Buffalo

The day one was much better than I anticipated. Liya was kind of tired due to travel and jet lag. She did not like the sudden change in her sleeping, playing and eating timings. The climate was suddenly gone bad and had fallen into -3 to -5 range.

J's friends (Amit and Mansoor) took us to Walmart  for our quick shoppings and then we went to rent a car. Liya did not seem to be comfortable in her new car seat. She was crying terribly. Amit had to park car many times in between the travel. Looks like she was caught by jetlag badly.

Trip to US- Part 6: Reaching Buffalo

At last, the long awaited boarding for our flight to Buffalo announced. It was so relieving, as we were all tired and were simply sitting in the Dulles airport. The flight was too small, I could hardly walk inside. Felt like my head might hit the roof. Liya was getting irritated in the small flight. I think, domestic flights in India are much better and are heaven compared to this 'match box' like airbus. It was almost an hour journey and we landed Buffalo safely. The airport is not very big, but very beautiful and hygienic.
This is the main airport nearby Naigara falls and hence this is one of the popular one in New York state.

Our bags which came much before us (in the 5 o'clock flight) were waiting for our arrival. As soon as we got out, Buffalo weather hit us. It was too cold outside and Liya's cheeks immediately turned red. We reached Residency Inn (which falls in Marriot hotels network)in another 10-15 minutes. We including Liya slept peacefully through night.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Trip to US- Part 5: At Dulles international airport

We landed Washington DC (Dulles international airport) by 3.30 PM. The immigration queue was much much longer than I expected. But there were so many queues and the process was really quicker. I should mention that there were quite few people talking in Malayalam in the queue as well. I feel proud to be a Keralite, everywhere I go, I can talk in my own language, there will be at least one person to listen to it. It took almost half and hour to reach our turn, but less than 5 minutes to finish all checks etc.

Trip to US- Part 4: Up in the air, over Me, Eu and US

It was around 9 am in Doha, our flight was already in the air. This flight was really vast and suited for a long journey. But I did not like the 'service' though.

Looking through the window, I could only see vast, terrific, dry terrain- so called desert. The scene was the same for many hours.  I was scanning through the route map in the screen and was imagining life in each country upon which we were flying through. Few hours later, I could see only ocean. For some time, I recalled few flight crash stories, with a slight fear in my mind. What otherwise I could do in such a long air journey.

Trip to US- Part 3: At Doha

It took almost 5 hours to reach Doha. We were served with Indian style breakfast from the flight. It was morning 6.30 in Doha. The airport was really crowded. There were huge number of people travelling to US itself. Like any mom in the world, my first concern was finding the baby changing room and getting Liya ready with new diapers and dress. Whomever I asked, did not either understand English or I did not understand the 'Arabic' version of english.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Flying to US: Part 2- At Hyderabad airport

We reached Hyderabad airport at 12.00 o'clock in the night. Liya was already in her deep sleep mode, and she was peacefully sleeping on my shoulder. Things moved much faster and everything was normal until we reach immigration counter. There was a long queue, and I was waiting a bit away from queue, taking care of 2 cabin bags, 2 laptop bags and my little girl. Jazeel was standing in the queue, waiting for our turn. Little Liya might have been under an impression that she is sleeping in her bed, in our home and never knew that she is at the door steps of a long journey.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Flying to US: Part 1

At last the most awaited day-29th Oct 2010 - the long journey to US - reached and I must say that I was very much anxious about hundred things around Liya and could not actually enjoy the excitement. I could not anticipate how my little girl would handle the 18 hours long flight journey, the waiting in the airports, immigration lines etc. But, thank god, it turned out to be a wonderful trip, she enjoyed sleeping in the basinet, and I could kill my time looking at her innocent face..:)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Another long drive HYD --> CLT

 Yes, as I mentioned in my previous post, we vacated our flat and drove down to hometown in the very next day early morning. I had planned to prepare and carry lunch and break fast and hence got up really early. After a while Liya also got up and she started screaming. She was not comfortable to sleep in the room without cot and bed. She did not like the idea of sleeping in the floor on the blanket and did not get a sound sleep too.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Empty house...

As we are traveling to abroad for few months, we packed up all house hold items back to our homeland and decided to drive down. The 'packing and moving' day was just an hectic day in my life. We were shifting through a professional packers and movers service. Liya was extremely happy to see the house where everything was shattered and no more child proof. She ran between the big carton boxes, she did mouth every small thing she came across... It was all exciting things for her, she didn't know what's happening though.She tried to 'pack' her dress and toys in the small bags too.. :)

Photo: Liya sleeping in her car seat in the balcony while packing and shifting was progressing inside house!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Liya hits one!

As per Islamic teaching, we do not celebrate birthdays. Birth days are considered same as any other day. So we did not celebrate her birth day in any means.

Below are few pics captured during her 12th month.

Liya @ one

Sweet little Liya,

Today you completed ONE year in this world; an year which just passed like a day. We never knew that one year is such a short period until you came to our life with tons of love and naughtiness... and life has not been the same since. You filled our life with new joy and we miss you the moments we are away from you or even the moments you fall asleep. We thanked Almighty Allah for showering His abundant blessing upon us, in the form of you too. We shall be thankful to him throughout our life.

We still remember seeing your face for the first time, you were such an adorable, active, smart doll..

Friday, September 17, 2010

Story of an Iftar party and late night drive..

My parents say, I'm growing naughty day by day. I believe I have to ... :) After all I'm growing up and so I'm exploring, learning and experimenting with everything around me.

Ok let me come to the point. I'm here to talk you about the first Iftar party (breaking fast during ramdan) I ever attended in my life time. It was at my dad's friend, Thaha uncle's place on the 3rd day of this Ramdan. His house is almost 25 Kms away from my place which is called Madinaguda.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Liya's first ever google search..:)

For the first time ever in her lifetime, she did a google search yesterday, obviously by mistake. See the screen shot below.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Liya takes her first step

Yesterday night it was almost 11.00 pm, when J and I were doing long night prayers (as it is Ramadan) the little naughty bubbly girl was all awake and playful. During the breaks between the prayer she threw her toys off and rushed to us and got into standing position without support for long time. She was getting into standing position really quick that I felt she would fall down and get hurt. As she was standing all happy and excited, we showed our hands sitting a bit away from her and encouraged her to move. The enthusiastic girl put forward her right feet and fell down within few seconds. She was very excited and suddenly got up and tried again and again.

That was her first ever independent step. I am quite happy for her determination and hard work.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Liya completes 10 months on planet earth!

She turned 10 months last week and following are her latest activities.

1) She understands everything you tell her. If you refer to her naughty activities while talking to a third person she cries or shows her dislike.

2) She stands without holding for long time, but afraid to put her feet forward.

3) She understands Urdu as much as she understands Malayalam.

4) She picks up gestures faster than words.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Apple is to eat!

As I mentioned in my previous post, one thing Liya liked during our trip to Kerala was playing with her cousin Diya who will turn 4 in coming Oct. Liya giggled for each gesture or action performed by Diya to please her.

One thing I observed was Liya was trying to imitate her for everything. Whenever Liya was cranky and throws away her toys and if I am busy with some urgent work, I give her a tomato or apple or Mosambi to play with. She suddenly turns calm and roll it through the floor. Back at home, I gave Diya an apple to eat and Liya an apple to play with. After sometime I observed that Liya is trying to bite the apple with her tiny teeth, the girl who doesn't mouth anything otherwise!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Liya's first Ramdan, even though she doesn't fast.. :)

Ramdan, the holy month has started few days back.

"Ramdan is the 9th month of Islamic Calender (Hijra Calender), and is the month in which the first verses of the Holy Qur'an were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. It is the month of fasting, in which muslims round the globe refrain from eating and drinking from dawn until sunset. Fasting is intended to teach Muslims about patience, humility, and spirituality. Muslims offer more prayer than usual, pray for guidance and help in refraining from everyday evils, ask forgiveness for past sins, increase charity etc."

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The naughty Liya at another wedding..!!

As I had mentioned earlier, my sister's Nikah was over almost 8 months back, and now it is the time for wedding reception. I was in two minds about attending the function, firstly because of the hectic travel from Hyd to back home, with no direct flights to Calicut. Secondly, I was afraid of Liya being lived in her own structured world, getting into a hectic travel schedule and being over loved in a crowd which haven't seen her for a while.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Liya @ 8-9 months

She changed drastically over these days, from the peaceful kidu to a naughty little girl.

- She learned to wave bye by 8 months of her birth
- She blows kiss
- Her first two teeth are out, and the third one is on its way.
- She is able to walk by holding onto something and she loves walking by holding our hands.
- She is able to stand holding onto anything with one hand and keeps second hand free.
- Trying to stand without support, and falling down..:)
- Babbling, trying to speak out for everything she sees around her.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Liya's attitude towards strangers

She loves few strangers for no reasons, and hates few others again for no reason. Few days back my neighbor (who comes home once in a month,if she is in need of any help), came home and started praising the kiddu "she is such a lovely peaceful baby, I have never heard her crying.. bla, bla..'. Little Liya was listening to her. My neighbor touched on her chubby cheeks, and the next moment she started crying. She just didn't like it!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Standing on her feet

I am standing on my legs..:)
This lil girl often surprises us with unexpected moves. Yesterday was one of such days when she suddenly held hands on the couch and pushed up and 'stood on her feet'. I have often noticed that she does things very quickly, works hard to reach her goal, takes all pain and once she achieves what she intended, she remains calm and cool.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Liya completed 7 months..

..on 11th of this month. I can't imagine how fast the days flew by. Of course it was an amazing experience looking after her, seeing how she is growing up and learning new things every day.

By now,

- She understands that her mom wearing a scarf means that 'Mom is going out' , so be demanding. It is applicable for any one whom she loves.
- She speaks pappa, thaatha, kakka, vavva
- She knows taste very well, also conveys that 'I don't want anything which is NOT sweet'
- She closes her mouth strongly when she is given mashed rice
- DO NOT try to feed her rice even by adding sweet. She understand the smell and taste of rice.
- She loves steamed apple so much that she opens her mouth really quick if anyone approaches her with apple.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Liya learns to clap

Liya learned to clap yesterday midnight. She woke up at 11.30 and started clapping. Till then she didn't know how to bring both hands together and clap. She love to bang on her toys with both hands, but clapping was a brand new activity from her. We were happy that she has learned a new activity. Good. But she wanted to practice it and continued practicing for another half an hour. And the result: we slept very late yesterday..:)

I wonder why kids learn new things in the middle of night when the whole day is there for them nothing to do other than playing!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weaning Day

9th April 2010, the first 'remarkable' step towards Liya's independence- weaning. She was completely on breast milk for last 6 months. She was NOT even given few droplet f any other solids/water/juice, till now. Even though I had lot of pressure from family and people around me, I was stern about my decision.

I decided to start her with solids and prepared Kanji (brown broken rice prepared and served along with water). I had powdered the rice and prepared the food. She was given it in thinner form of it, thats too only 2 spoons. She ate it with no refusal, did not spit it either.

Good start and well done my girl! Long way to go, fighting over food..:)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Soaring in the sky..

8th April 2010.. I should tell you about that day. My first ever 'flight' and that was pretty long travel from Hyd o Calicut, via Chennai and Bangalore. In four hours I touched 4 states and 4 cities of my country. Isn't it a great day to remember?

Myself with my mom started the journey from Hyd early in the morning. The flight to Channai was at 6.15 and we left our home by 4.30 am. First time ever in my life I had a early morning(or midnight) bath at 3.30 am. I was quiet active and happy, as I smelled that we are going out..:)

I was dressed in my travel suit and my mom was lil worried as she didn't know how to handle me while take off and landing and she was alone too. The flight was on time, and we boarded on time. The flight was too small which could accommodate only 60-70 passengers.

Photo: "Hi, I am all set to fly"

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Liya helping out her mom with work..

Video: 5 month old Liya with laptop
See how happy and excited she is with the new toy.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A night at Bangalore!

Well, I hope you have already read my mom's writing about our trip till Bangalore. We reached Fazal uncle's house in the evening. The climate was too good there. I should say it was really cold and such an awesome climate was something really new to me. 

                                         With Nehan

Feroz uncle's son Nehan and daughter Aysha (4 months older than me) were there. Nehan stayed with me for long time, he tried to make me smile, he brought all his toys near me and played for me.. he was so happy to have me there. I was happy too. At night he cried saying 'i will sleep near baby..'.:) So sweet of him!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Calicut -->> Bangalore

Liya was 3 months and 4 days old, when we decided to travel back to Hyderabad, where both myself and her dad live and work. I had already got back to work after my maternity leave. We decided to drive down to Hyderabad, from Kerala. Of course it was a tough decision as the road distance was almost 1000 Kms. We believed that we can take frequent breaks while traveling and which would make her more comfortable.

We started our journey early morning 6.00 am on 16th Jan '10. She was quite sleepy, but I managed to get her bathed and dressed in her traveling suit. I wonder how happy and excited she should have been if she was able to understand that she was to start a long journey, crossing 2 states. She is too young to watch and enjoy the mind-blowing sceneries, three states of the country she was traveling through in 2 days, and the change in language, culture, habits, food...

She had nothing to worry about..nothing to watch or enjoy other than sleeping and having her tiny tommy full of milk whenever hungry..

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Updates: first three months

This is how she passed her major milestones.

First Month:
- She smiled at me for first time ever on 28th day of her birth.
- She lifted her head while we pushed her on tummy.
- She responded to sound: any small sound made is alert and she quickly turned her head.
- She was able to turn her head in both direction while laying on back
- She made lots of cooing and noise.


Friday, January 15, 2010

My first ever Eid

After returning from Eid Gah, in my Eid dress

Eid- ul- Adha (Barkid)- The 'festival of sacrifice', was on  48th day of my birth. My first ever eid, I celebrated at my dad's house with paternal grandparents, my parents and my uncle.

Eid ul Adha, commemorate the willingness of Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God, but instead was able to sacrifice a ram (by God's command). Each capable family would sacrifice a domestic animal, such as a sheep, goat, cow, or camel. The meat would then be divided into three equal parts to be distributed to others. The family can take one third, another third is given to other relatives, friends or neighbours, and the other third is given to the poor as a gift.  Eid is also about spending time with family and friends, renewing relationships..

At my dad's house

At my dad's house..

I landed my paternal home on 45th day on my life on planet earth and didn't know show any disturbances of place change. I spent almost a week there. Lots of people visited me during the days I spent over there. People over there surrounded me with tremendous love and care. My aunt's 3 year old daughter- my deedi- Diya was also there at home. We both had a good time together. She sang lots of rhymes for me.. I didn't know to sing, but I did enjoy. I made my special noises like 'aaa, oohh,' to show my happiness. I cooed along with her song. She was really happy to see that I enjoy her singing and so she sang very often for me.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Liya attends a wedding

It was on 42nd day of her birth my sister got married (it was her Nikah, and actual reception is to follow later. The marriage was fixed in the first week of her birth. Lots of preparations were going on in my house for about two weeks before wedding - cleaning, painting walls, changing furniture etc. On the day before marriage she got her second round of vaccination done. The calm and cool little girl cried for about 2 hours that day. Her thighs were swollen and were paining. She cried terribly and everybody felt sad as she rarely cries. Yeah, whenever she cries everyone in the house stays near her because she cries very very rarely and that hurts all around her.

On the wedding day she was tired due to previous day's 'pricks'. She slept through the day and didn't care about the hundreds came into her maternal house, or the Nikah happened. Our photographer had made lots of attempts to capture her pic with her eyes open, but she didn't give him a chance till evening.

Liya on her aunt's wedding day eve!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Active girl

Liya has been pretty calm and cool baby so far. She is spending most of her time in sleeping. Was quite tired and passive for almost 2-3 days after her NICU stay. When she was almost 20-21 days old, she appeared very active and pleasant whenever she is awake. Her hobby during that time was pushing her hip and rotating in her bed 360 degree. She just didn't like any one interrupting her. I tried to keep pillows and block her way as I have heard this is too early for an infant to do so. Myself, the worried mom thought she might get injured during her push-move activities. But she was really uncomfortable with my deeds and cried terribly. She pushed herself upward, by holding her hand firmly on floor too. She had started making loud noise as well..cooing.. babbling..

Later, I left it to her "it's her wish" she continued this 'game' for more than 3 months. :)