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Monday, April 19, 2010

Soaring in the sky..

8th April 2010.. I should tell you about that day. My first ever 'flight' and that was pretty long travel from Hyd o Calicut, via Chennai and Bangalore. In four hours I touched 4 states and 4 cities of my country. Isn't it a great day to remember?

Myself with my mom started the journey from Hyd early in the morning. The flight to Channai was at 6.15 and we left our home by 4.30 am. First time ever in my life I had a early morning(or midnight) bath at 3.30 am. I was quiet active and happy, as I smelled that we are going out..:)

I was dressed in my travel suit and my mom was lil worried as she didn't know how to handle me while take off and landing and she was alone too. The flight was on time, and we boarded on time. The flight was too small which could accommodate only 60-70 passengers.

Photo: "Hi, I am all set to fly"

I cried during take off, I could not bear pain in my ears. I fell asleep till the flight lands Chennai. We had 2 hours waiting in Chennai. The next flight was at 10.30 via Blre to Calicut.

My mom didn't eat anything from morning. She 'tried' to have breakfast at Chennai but I didn't allow her to eat. I spilled the coffee all over her body, bags and seat. Didn't allow her to eat the Sandwich either. So she had a 'fasting day'.

Thanks to God, our next flight was on right time. As my mom was carrying me, she was given priority everywhere. She never stood in the queue, didn't carry her luggage, the  airlines executives especially in KingFisher airlines, helped her everywhere. They didn't miss to say Hi and pat on my chubby cheeks.:)

The second flight had 30 minutes waiting in Bangalore. Chennai to Bangalore flight was the one I really enjoyed because I was all awake, playing, and shouting. I didn't allow our co-seater to sit peacefully. I pulled his shirts off, scratched on his hands.. tried to grab his sandwich, made my mom's breakfast sandwich into bits and pieces.

This time onwards I didn't cry while taking off or landing, rather I enjoyed.

I had started my next 'shift' of sleeping during our travel from Blore to Calicut. We landed calicut safely. Had a great, unforgettable journey. Landed Calicut by 1.00 pm. My cousin Diya and my grand pa were waiting for us in the airport. The cabin crew carried me from flight till the bus and waved me bye.

Now, back to my paternal house. I will tell about the vacation in detail later.


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