A'udhu billahi mina sh-shaytaanir-rajeem! Bismillah...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Book of the Week : : Goodnight Moon

Liya and I have been reading 'Good Night Moon' for past many days and more frequently in last week (as it was selected as Book of the Week by reading club). We often watched the video version in youtube as well.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Joining Reading Club!

I am glad to let you know that Liya and I are joining reading club  as we were warmly invited by Salma- Rainbow's Mommy! Thank You so much Salma for the initiative.

So stay tuned to hear about different 'stories' we read together over weeks- Insha Allah (If is God's will)! 

What's it All About?
The reading club is quite informal. Chasing Rainbow will post the Book of the week on her blog’s slider on Wednesdays. You and your little one will have a whole week to read the story. Then on the following Wednesday, write a short (very short) post about the book and post it on your blog. Then simply link back to Chasing Rainbow.
Read More on Reading Club!

 Book of this week is Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. 

New Post: Liya's story time with Goodnight moon.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

7 Random FACTS about MOI..!

I am glad that I have been awarded by a fellow blogger  Spicy Sweet. Thank you so much for choosing me. This is the first award for 'Princess Liya' and it is my pleasure to pass this award to few fellow bloggers too.

stylish blogger award

Following the tradition of this award, here comes 7 Random FACTS about myself.

Weekend at 'Explore and More'

It's been long time since I am planning to take Liya to some play group. Mainly because she doesn't get much children to mingle and play with and hence she is growing selfish and unsocial everyday. :D

I found out Explore and More through internet, which is WNY's only one Children's Museum (as they claim).

Monday, May 16, 2011

New Playmate

Sadhana and Liya
Finally, Liya got a playmate- Sadhana, J's friend's 5 year old daughter. They recently moved to US and staying in the same apartment- just few steps away. To my wonder, Liya seems to be extremely comfortable with Sadhana and loves playing with her for long time. Liya calls her 'sayu' (baby lingo version of sadhu).

Yearned possession...

Did you know? At times an unheralded gift- a miniature replica of anything which a child is fond of can make him/her ecstatically happy to turn senseless for few moments OR feel like floating in cloud9? I know yes since when Liya came back home from Mansoor's (J's friend) apartment with a packet in her right hand. It was a sweet gift from J's friend M as he was leaving back to India. Her big eyes were gleaming with pride and was ineffably restless to exhibit the enclosure.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011

☺ Clicked a photograph☺

Liya's first ever click!
Today, I clicked a photograph. I swear, mamma or pappa didn't help me. In fact, they did not even know that I had grabbed camera from drawer. I saw many buttons, pressed randomly, it somehow  turned ON, then I clicked on many tiny buttons. It was nice to do continuous clicks. Many things happened on the screen. It somehow reached in black and white mode and then I saw a big button, and clicked on it. It flashed and I could see the first ever photograph clicked by myself- little Liya. Did you like it?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Don'ts everywhere...

Like I mentioned in my previous post, Liya was taken for a routine blood test yesterday. The medical lab was big and popular one. It was again process driven and spent almost 15-20 minutes, filling different forms and answering same questions many times. There were three rounds of spell check for her and guardian's name, first we filled in the form, secondly R announced (as she inputted into computer) it so that we can correct if there is any mistake and thirdly (after printing) she wanted us to spell it and she verified [sigh ☮].
J whispered me 'Technology doesn't make life easy always, at times it makes life tougher too'.