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Monday, May 16, 2011

Yearned possession...

Did you know? At times an unheralded gift- a miniature replica of anything which a child is fond of can make him/her ecstatically happy to turn senseless for few moments OR feel like floating in cloud9? I know yes since when Liya came back home from Mansoor's (J's friend) apartment with a packet in her right hand. It was a sweet gift from J's friend M as he was leaving back to India. Her big eyes were gleaming with pride and was ineffably restless to exhibit the enclosure.

She immediately pushed the package out from the cover. She could clearly see a toy laptop tightly fastened inside the packet and just could not wait for it to be unpacked. She tried to remove it with her tiny hands but did not succeed. As J was carefully removing it, she ran across and handed over a scissor to him. The gleeful girl was helping dad with everything she could. Her puffy cheeks turned pink and her eyes sparkled with joy. She snatched it from J's hand and sat on the carpet and began exploring it.

I guess, I have written umpteen times on her passion toward laptops. Probably because, from day one of her birth she has been seeing it being an inevitable part of her parents' routine. She sat on it so many hours continuously. While she was going for sleep, she kept her laptop near to where I keep mine. She was handling it so carefully- in the same way how she has seen her parents treat theirs.  She learned all operations really quick. It had a USB port, which helped to connect it to our laptop and customize the rhymes. We added few rhymes which she likes otherwise too.

First time experience with toy laptop
I noticed that she spends too much of time on her lappy- she insists that she should be sitting in a chair while 'working' and many times pushes me off from my work place as she needs 'office chair'. She learned many words and alphabets very quickly from the laptop. Surprisingly she often sings A-Z in the same tune as sung in the laptop.

I personally do not believe that it is good for kids to sit continuously for many hours immobile, so I began hiding the laptop and giving her for specific durations. She keeps searching it everywhere, asking where is laptop- and if she doesn't find it she would go and play with her dolls, otherwise she simply ignores her dolls and toys.

P.S: M had to leave back to India unexpectedly due to his father's critical health condition and he could not witness the happiness of her joy and the impact of it on her. Hence I dedicate this post to M! 

May Allah bless his father with a quick recovery,  ameen!

** I have a video capture of her expressions- needs some editing, would update this post with the link as soon as I am done. Watch out!

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