A'udhu billahi mina sh-shaytaanir-rajeem! Bismillah...


Spare A Minute (SaM)

In the name of Almighty Allah, the most Merciful, the most Gracious. 

Of all the blessings Almighty God bestowed upon you, did you ever wonder which one is most precious? I guess, if you ever run out of answer, He would shower plentiful blessings upon you, until you realize it.
“ I believe, one of such precious gift I have ever been given is my little angel Liya. 
Thank God, for blessing me again and again with your abundant love and mercy and for sending Liya to our life. I hope this blog would remind me very often how much I owe to Almighty for His ample mercy upon this slave.

I love spending hours with her, observing things she do every second. While she takes a nap, I love imagining what would she be dreaming. I am eager to read about infants in childcare magazines.

“I love capturing her each action, gesture and milestones as videos, photographs and blog posts and hence I started this blog.

Here, I would like to scribble everything in an around my angel. From her deeds and changes everyday to my own concepts, observations and findings around it. Hope you enjoy it!


- A Work-at-home mum from India, loves reading, traveling, trekking and of course parenting.


  1. Beautiful words. I am also thinking of that sometimes. When my son is asleep or awake actually, whats going on in his head. YOu always use lovely words in your blog =) #pocolo

  2. A beautiful post and so wonderful to have recorded the special things about having a daughter and watching her grow.
    I hope your religion continues to permit you to see your wonderful daughter in this way, not to restrict her freedom, hide her beauty or demean her in the eyes of man as so many followers of Islam do to their girls. I find it anachronistic and absurd that in this day and age the religion of Islam persists in subjecting its females to a status below men, subjecting them to laws which should have been left behind in the Dark Ages when people knew no better.


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