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Friday, November 13, 2015

7th Day, Clean head!

As per Islamic tradition, we've got Baby Z's birth hair shaved on 7th day of birth, same as we did for  his sister. It was of course challenging to find someone to shave his head, right here in Bangalore. This is such a common ritual in Muslim families in Kerala, and so it was never such a tiring experience to find one. We finally managed to get a young man through my baby sitter. He did a fantastic job and we were all surprised at the precision and practice he had at such a younger age. Z did great and he slept through the time his head was getting shaved.

Following the Islamic tradition, we also named him the same day, as per his sister's wish to rhyme with her name.

By the way, Z also developed jaundice (taking after his sister). Though, he looks very yellow, the blood report came under the alert range. So, fingers crossed. 

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