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Friday, December 11, 2009

The hair removal - day 7

As I mentioned earlier, I was taken to my maternal house for hair removal from NICU. It was a big function, where relatives from my dad's and mom's side were present. As per Islamic teachings, it is Sunnah(deeds or words of Prophet Mohammad which are good if we do, not a sin if we don't) to perform hair removal on 7th day. It can be done on any other day, but 7th day is highly preferred. Baby's parents name the baby and perform Aqeeqa on the same day.Aqeeqa means sacrificing a cattle in thanks to God and distributing it among the poor in the area, including them in our happiness. My dad performed Aqueeqa, and he says it was first time he put knife on a live buffalo..:) Aqueeqa was performed early in the morning, by 7.00 am. I was in NICU that time. My parents got me to home by 11 am. The barber lady who used to shave hair of all children in our family was already present. My paternal grandma held me on her lap and the lady removed my hair. I didn't cry or try to move. I was listening to what's happening on my head.

Most of the relatives were seeing me for first time. As usual I was busy in sleeping. They gifted me with dress, gold, other baby items etc. My parents selected my first name SWABA, which means Breeze. It was after a month they finalized my second name that is Liyan which means Soft. The name has an Arabic origin.

By 3.00 Pm I was taken back to hospital. I was given my first vaccination on the day - Hepatitis, Hib, DTP and BCG.

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