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Before 3 we'll...

As you already know, Liya and Rainbow read a lot of books along. That was a brilliant idea from my dear friend Salma. She can never run out of amazing ideas and here I am gonna share another idea from her. She is uniting fellow mom bloggers to share the stories about their little ones.  It's my great pleasure to join in and set the tiny goals for my adventurous journey with little Liya. Insha Allah!

Chasing Rainbow

Every goal should have some rules to keep it within the frame, right? What are our rules?
  • Make a list of things you would like to do with your little one before his/her next birthday 
  • Strike it off as you go
  • Link it to the respective post
  • Share it every month with Rainbow's blog.
  1. Visit India. Enjoy the seamless pampering from grand parents, aunts, uncles and other relatives.
  2. Run behind real chicken, ducks and kitten, and frighten them.
  3. Talk in English fluently
  4. Ride in an auto rikshaw.
  5. Learn the art of 'sharing'
  6. Visit a zoo again
  7. 'Share' at least 15 new books on blog
  8. Learn Arabic alphabets
  9. Cook finger paints together
  10. Dress up alone
  11. Play with homemade play dough
  12. Create 'own' stories and share with Momma and Pappa
  13. Play in the snow 
  14. Go to a Beach in Kerala and play in the waves
  15. Learn to count till 25 (at least), both in Malayalam and English
  16. Ride a bicycle
  17. Identify all colors
  18. Try swimming
  19. Learn days in a week
  20. Months in a year
  21. Bake a FRESH Pizza together 
  22. Grill Dinner at outdoors 
  23. Move up in the class (daycare)
  24. Learn Malayalam Alphabets
  25. Road trip to NYC
  26. Visit a farm for fresh fruit picking
 In Islamic ways-
  1. Learn at least one Surah from Quran
  2. Learn to recite bedtime dua (invocation)
  3. Listen to Quran everyday

** To be updated


      1. i +1'd,nyz blog i eva seen b4. really i ain't intrstd in blog readin'.but it's juz diffrnt frm othrz..masha Allah. :)

      2. We have joined this wonderful bucket list! Salma has awesome ideas.

      3. i dono hw 'em happy nw
        wot a plan....i really like it


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