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Saturday, June 25, 2011

How to keep mamma away from computer?

How do I keep myself busy when Mamma does office work?

Mamma says I am a cool girl, I don't trouble her much but understands her. Yes, I try to keep her away form computer, but that's only when I am bored of doing all below stuffs:

- Mess up home! (Sorry, I do it beyond your imagination, so please don't make any guess!)
- Clean up home (I mean, pour in a bottle of water on table/floor/clothes to clean, I hope you got it)
- Play with my toys and laptop.
- Open dish washer, shelves etc and take all utensils out, and cook 'biriyani and chicken'.
- Push all my dresses out from my wardrobe (which are categorized and folded nicely) and perform a fashion show.
- Mix up washed and to be washed clothes, and confuse Mamma.
- Iron pappa's shirt and my clothes (don't worry I don't plug-in the wire)
- Scribble everywhere with my 'Kayyoons' (Crayons)
- Jump up in the bed
- Take toilet roll/ kitchen tissue and tear it completely.
- Open up all shelves, drawers etc, mix up everything, take out all important cards etc out and hide those.
- Climp up sofa and change the 'air condition' settings and mode. Mamma will find it out when the room turns hot and suffocating, after a while.
- Take the broom and clean up the carpet (I mean, I should spill my food prior to that)
- Mess up contents in my accessories' box.

How to keep mamma away from computer?
Like mamma mentioned earlier, I don't like her sitting in front of laptop, but don't mind if she does any household chores. There are several 'tips and tricks' I use on and off to keep mamma away from laptop.

- I shout that "I need to pee/poo" every five minutes-Momma will get up to take me to toilet!
- Hmm, I 'feel' hungry very often and demand for something which is not available at home so that Mamma will sit near and pamper me.
- I will need to read books and insists mamma to appreciate for every word I read.
- Insist to call my grand parents, and talk them for a while and then handover phone to Mamma that she will take it forward.
- I will want to wear and remove my shoes every 3 minutes (even though I know to do it alone, I pretend that I forgot)
- I will need my puppy toys to wear dress and shoes- again I pretend that I don't know to do  it alone.
- I often feel 'pain' on my already healed wounds (the marks I must say)
- Every five minutes, I feel thirsty that Mamma needs to fill in my sip-up cup and then I pour the water on the floor, or table.(...shhhh)
- I may feel like hopping over a  chair- again I know to do it alone, but pretends that I forgot.
-  I will need Mamma to 'fill in the blanks' of the rhymes I sing.
- I 'suddenly' feel sleepy and demand that Mamma should cuddle/ gently pat on my body- but if I actually feel sleepy, I just lay down and sleep, no need to cuddle or pat on me.
- Turn off my Ball Popper toy and screams to turn it ON or demand that Mamma should manually push the balls out.
- I take my pants and tops off and demand that mamma should help me wear that. Again I take them off and cry. I continue this till I get bored of.
- I demand that I want to sit on the chair on which mamma is sitting and when she moved to another one I demand that I 'actually wanted to be seated there'.
- I will 'feel' like taking a ride on my stroller inside my home. And you know, I won't get down from the stroller at all. [Of late, Mamma has decided that she won't take stroller inside home, so it is permanently in the car dickey, and hence this is 'on hold' as of now.]


  1. Hi just calling by from Alexa Blog Hop. I can totally relate. Have been through it with 5 kids. My no. 3 was pretty bad. He used to get into the eggs and break them all over the floor. He also use to get into the honey and put it all over the floor. So glad I am nearly past all that. My youngest is nearly 4 years old. Still getting into stuff but not as bad as a few years ago. Be sure to come by and say hi. www.acceptandembraceautism.blogspot.com Sarah

  2. @Accepting and Embracing Autism
    Ha ha! I liked your third one. Smart boy.

    Many thanks for stopping by and following. I will visit your blog as well.

  3. Ha ha ha! Oh my gosh- story of my life! This looks like my house! :) I found your blog and the blog hop and I am your newest follower! I would love to have you stop by and follow back if you would like to!
    Camille @

  4. Thanks so much for joining our Mingle With Us Blog Hop. Sorry I couldn't comment sooner, I was out of town this weekend. I look forward to following your blog:)

    Amanda Joy

  5. LOL. Sounds pretty typical! Great pictures. Thanks for posting the hop button!!! Have a great week. Hope to see you again next weekend!

  6. Just hopping by to become your newest GFC follower from the Alexa hop, love your pics. Have a fantastic week!

  7. Thank You all. I am following you all in GFC.

  8. Salam Nish,
    Loved liya a looo...oot. Life is full of life if kids are naughty. You don't know where the time flies. You will miss all this when they grow up, esp at times when they take a book and ponder in it all day!
    Wish you and Liya happy days.

  9. @About Aisha
    Waalikkum salaam wr wb!

    Najee, Thank You so much. You are right our children remind us about our good old days...:)


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