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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Book of the Week :: I can Help

I can Help
Liya and I are happy to share our Story of the Week - I can Help, by David Hyde Costello.
Mommy Thoughts? I am sure the 'title' gives you a glint of the story. It is a cute and simple story which proves "a little help goes a long way". It is a perfect story to teach your child on the necessity of helping people around us, no matter who they are! Their color, caste, strength, size... nothing should be a barrier when we come across someone who is in need of help.

The story begins with Yellow Duck, who lost her way and struggling to get back to her 'family'. The monkey, while sitting on a tree can see her family and unites them. The chain grows as Giraffe comes to help Monkey while it falls down from a twig, gorilla comes to help giraffe, sun-bird helps gorilla, elephant helps sun-bird, duck helps elephant, and finally duck is losing her way again. But duck is now surrounded with 'chain' of people, who were connected by helping each other and now everybody is there to help little duck find her way.

Beauty of the Story? Elephant, being the biggest mammal on the earth, is humble and loving enough to help a little sun-bird when he found a bird in need. Later, elephant happens to seek the help of tiny duck. Think, do your size and strength always matters or help you prevail..? How well the story unveils the need of 'not only' taking help but also extending our skills and service to others, as well. Very neatly it portrays how far a 'little' helps  can reach and creates a peaceful life around.
The book also conveys the need of Thanking the person who helped you in difficult situations.

Look and Feel of the book? Entirely illustration based, neat, less text heavy, colorful, conveys every 'need' and 'help' through visuals.

I can Help

Liya's take? She is madly in love with Monkey and Giraffe, loved the long neck of Giraffe ...lol! Now Liya knows that she must say 'thank you' if someone does any favors to her. She know little bit about helping other. Though, she did not understand 'HOW' each animal helped other. But, I am sure she will learn it as she grows up. She knows so many animals around her. Now, we should take her to zoo and let her 'experience' them live. Insha Allah.

Posted as a part of Book of the Week initiative by Reading Club. Rainbow was reading a different book this week. Head over and read rainbow's experience with the story here.

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