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Friday, November 1, 2013

Much to Do before 5!

We did not do the bucket list for the year 4. That was a great loss.  Now, I am compiling our TO DOs for the coming year so that we will have a plan on the go. In Sha Allah!

  • Visit Mysore (29/11/2013 See here and here)
  • Move to new school, Start with school bus trips
  • Learn Arabic, Hindi and Malayalam letters
  • Read without assistance
  • Share one book every week in the blog
  • Bake, cook and grill with Liya
  • Gardening and planting lessons
  • Observe earth hour
  • Recycling lessons
  • Make pompoms
  • Look after our balcony flower pots and kitchen herbal mini garden
  • Move to own bed (14/01/2014)
  • Road drive to home via Western Ghat : Nadukani (20/12/2013 see here)
  • Visit zoos (See here), water falls and much more
  • Perform in the stage program @ school (8/12/2013 see here)
  • Learn 4 more chapters from Quran.
  • Get involved in community help groups
  • Learn more about our country, share our learning in PL
  • Learn more about Islam, share it in PL
  • Learn more about the world, share it in PL
  • Tell the time crafts and activities
  • Swimming alone 
  • Visit a botanical garden
  • Visit a hill station
  • Visit a farm
  • Visit an aquarium
  • Visit Ooty
  • Visit Beypore port
  • Visit Beach and build sand castles
  • Visit to tea factory
  • Boating in lakes
  • Trip to Wayanad
  • Play in the river bank
  • Walk in the Rain
  • Rebuild our home aquarium
  • Cycling without supporting wheels
  • Join Madrassa
  • Do 5 adventures (8/12/2013 : No. 1 here
Every three months, we will post a summary of completed To Dos and strike the same in the list! 

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  1. what a good idea to set goals here on your blog, i really like it!


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