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Thursday, December 5, 2013

At Mysore Zoo

Mysore is one of the popular tourist locations in India, known for its rich heritage and historical importance.

Exploring the zoo

Picture 1: with Paternal Granny and cousin

Picture 1: With Paternal Grandparents 


  1. Hey I am mad at you Nish. You never told me you were blogging again. Love the new header and the new photos of Liya- she has gotten so big.

    1. So sorry about that sis Salma. In fact I am trying to come back slowly. You know how much I missed blogging and having all those online friends virtually around me. These days I am trying to find time to read blogs one by one. I enjoy reading about Z and H. I am sure H has grown into a little brat...

      Liya- yes, growing up so fast. Ma Sha Allah.

  2. It's so good to read you again Nishana and thanks for all your nice words. That's Liya is so grown-up.
    Looks like she had a fabulous time at the zoo.
    Looking forward more about your life. Take care.


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