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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Book of the week :: Catch the Bus

The Berenstain-Bears catch the bus is one of Liya's favorite books. She learned about the book from her previous school, last year during their story time around the theme "vehicles". Since then she was bugging me to buy one for herself. I could not find it in any local stores and she didn't have much info about the book other than the name. As usual, I searched in online book stores, listed all the books named "catch the bus" until she identified the cover page of the book she was talking eagerly about. Since then the antics of Berenstain bears have become a part of our life. For nearly a year, we have read the book so many times, nevertheless, it continues to be one of the "top reading" book in our reading list.

The book is about a bear family of mom, dad and two cubs. The cubs are oversleep until the school bus reaches their next door. In the last minutes, they had to wake up to an angry mother, rush to brush and clean themselves, and gobble some breakfast and run fast to catch the bus. At the end the book gives a good advice to the reader about managing time. 

A beautiful, educative touch in this book is the way they illustrated time as the story progresses. They have introduced both analog and digital clock in the illustration, showing up simultaneously and helping kids learn tell time as well. The story starts as the click hits 6.55, with cubs fast sleep, turning their alarms off, forgetting about their school bus which is to arrive their door at 8.00 in the morning.

If you have a child, who is lazy to wake up in the morning, or just get into the rush of last minutes to get ready for school bus, I am sure this is good way to introduce them the early tips about managing time.

Every time we read the book, L pledges, " I won't be like the cubs who oversleep and forget school..."

Moreover, it's a fun book, with nice illustrations, less text and more white space. I am sure most kids love bears and so does L. The book is also helping L to tell time. Though she is confused how 7.1 in the analog clock is read as 7.05 etc, I am sure over time, the experience with this book would help her tell time quickly.


  1. Looks like a great book and lovely she is so fond of it and reads it so many times!

  2. Thanks for sharing....does look like a fun and interesting read!

  3. My kids loved Berenstain Bears when they were younger!


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