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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Project 365: Week 1


Last year, we completely missed Project 365 - a random pic a day through the year. This year, we are going to catch little Z growing up, every single day. :)

We will not be sharing photos of his sis's face, as she is no more a baby. Looking forward to a fantastic year, IA!

Day 1: At maternal grand parents home. All sleepy after a second head shave. We had scheduled his circumcision for this week. But, cancelled due to a possible 'hand foot mouth' disease worry due to the rashes spotted on his body.

Day 2: A happy boy.

Day 3:
One little hand, 
Two little hands... 
Hold me tight Mama, 
Cuddle me like never before,
Soon, I will grow up
All the fun will vanish
 Watch me grow, my dear Mama.. :) 

Day 4:
Big eyes, taking after sister, inherited from paternal grand ma's side. :)

Day 5:
When a tiring day is paid back in an infectious smile..it's indeed worth it. :)

Day 6:
Didi (L) has gone back to Bangalore with Papa. She has to attend schools as Christmas holidays are over. We are enjoying at grand parents place. So, his first ever skype call with lovely sister,

Day 7:

Resembling his Didi, inch by inch...

Day 8:

Like Didi, like boy, so fond of sucking his finger.. :)

Day 9:

Not so happy today...

See you next week, In Sha Allah!
Until then, have a great week!

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