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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Baby Zee @ 1 month

Hi All,

Baby Zee is growing good so far. He is now 45 days old. We just had his first dose of vaccination yesterday and he did turn out be a cranky boy afterwards. He cried for hours, clung to Mama for 3-4 hours until his pain subsided.

His first smile was 26 days old, on 6th Nov for the first time. He is not yet generous with his smiles though. He is weighing 4.5 kg and 55 cm length, which is in the ideal range for his age. He is a bit short compared to what L was at the same age. :)

He has been hassle free so far, though, he doesn't enjoy his showers and oil massages much. He sleeps through day and night, however, wakes up to even the sound of a leaf fall.

He loves his sister and coos whenever he sees her. So far, he is cooing only to her, so she is very happy.

Month 1 was indeed fantastic. We had grand parents from both sides taking turns and staying back to support us. Looking forward to more eventful but challenging days as we are back to square one with an added little boy. :)


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