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Monday, April 25, 2011

Pediatric Visits

Pediatric Visit

Last weekend, we took Liya to her pediatrician here for a routine check up and vaccinations. This is her second pediatric visit in USA. The older one was during 15th month for vaccinations. Here is a glance at my experiences with Doc visits in India and USA.

Disclaimer:  These are mere perceptions/observations of a mother from two different countries; NOT an analysis on which is 'right or wrong' or 'good or bad' or 'like or dislike' approach in childcare.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yay, 1.5 years..!!

So, it indicates a transition too! Charming munchkin is no more a baby, left her babyhood (as experts say, I have least idea though) and a full-time toddler now. She no more behaves like a baby nowadays, rather she is more versatile and ready to deal with household chores too. Here comes a glimpse of my sugar-cube's most recent, amusing activities:

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Then and now

.. A desperate attempt to revive childhood..
The other day, as Liya appeared peevish and was crying with a fretful whimper, I was forced to take a break from my work and play with her. She did not seem to be interested in her toys anymore and all she wanted was going out and playing in the meadow. But it was drizzling and windy outside and hence I was compelled to ignore her request and stay back home. Well, I was challenged to come up with an idea to lure her.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A bad news in the morning..

I was dazed for few seconds by reading the first news in the morning- the very popular playback singer, K.S Chithra's eight year old daughter drowned in a swimming pool in Dubai. Although I am not much interested in movies and not music freak either, I stumbled upon the painful news and I am sure every mom would definitely be the same. Losing a child is something a parent can never think of even in a worst nightmare. When it is a child born after 15 years of waiting and constant prayers, how painful the situation would be! Words can never heal the depth of the wound the couples are in, no condolence messages can reduce the intensity of the misfortune too! All we can say is that, it is an unpredictable twist of fate or inevitable decision of Almighty God.
I sincerely pray and plead the Almighty God that  give her and family the strength to overcome the horrendous ordeal they are in. 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A mom I met in the crowd..

Few weeks ago as we were shopping in Tops market, I met a mom, let's call her M. She was shopping along with her two children- one girl  looks 7-8 years old and she was mentally retarded; She looked all heathy otherwise but was making terrible noise and pushed all things off from the shelves and ran across the store causing inconvenience to many shoppers. M's second child was a boy he was sitting in a wheelchair, appeared as if 10-11 years old. He was sitting with his head a bit tilted and I first thought he was sleeping. I looked at the boy again and was terribly dismayed!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

CSAAM April 2011: My two cents!

Dedicated to Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) awareness!
Thanks to the blogging community, for letting me know that this April is Child Sexual Abuse awareness month- a serious matter which is least discussed, especially in India. I appreciate your effort and hope that the efforts will continue even after this 'dedicated' month.

Why this post: I am forced to write something on this because I am deeply hurt by flipping through news channels/online news papers and reading harassment against children very often.
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My first drawing..:)

While Pappa and Mamma use pen and paper, I was only given a 'magic' doodler to draw. Few days ago, I happened to get a notepad and a pen. This is what I did with that! My first 'pen drawing..'

Trying to scribble inside shoe
My first drawing..:)
Well, by now I 've mastered the art and now concentrating on doodling everywhere with my eyebrow pencil.

Monday, April 4, 2011

On a swing..

Well.....!! My mamma has scribbled enough about me. Now, let me tell you a bit!

Yesterday, weather was much better compared to other days and hence we decided to walk down and spend some time at Ayaan baby's house. Hmm, I had some other plans in my mind. As we were walking near the play area, I turned towards it while pappa and mamma were heading to Ayaan's house. I did not bother what they have in mind, all I saw was the baby on the swing! I loved looking at the babies on the swing and always wanted to give a try, but my mamma never lets me. She didn't want me to be afraid of swings, so every time we visited the park she simply pushed it for another day. Also, most of the times the area would be crowded with N number of kids, waiting for their turn.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Liya and her puppy toy

 I have written here before about Liya's puppy toy and how much she loves it. The other day, when I told her 'we are going for an eve walk', she rushed into the bedroom and came back with her jacket on one hand and puppy toy in other hand. I was surprised to see the Puppy in her hand. I could not think about taking that Puppy along with us, because I knew it would be too embarrassing if someone sees the color of my kid's favorite toy. The gleaming pink had turned almost brown with a mixed stench of milk,oil and baby juice. It also carried the remnant of her daily menu - the crimson red of pomegranate, yellow of turmeric etc!!