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Monday, April 4, 2011

On a swing..

Well.....!! My mamma has scribbled enough about me. Now, let me tell you a bit!

Yesterday, weather was much better compared to other days and hence we decided to walk down and spend some time at Ayaan baby's house. Hmm, I had some other plans in my mind. As we were walking near the play area, I turned towards it while pappa and mamma were heading to Ayaan's house. I did not bother what they have in mind, all I saw was the baby on the swing! I loved looking at the babies on the swing and always wanted to give a try, but my mamma never lets me. She didn't want me to be afraid of swings, so every time we visited the park she simply pushed it for another day. Also, most of the times the area would be crowded with N number of kids, waiting for their turn.

This time I was very sure about what I wanted to do - there was one swing free, which is more like a baby swing- ressembles a cradle, looks safer for a baby of my age. Mamma put me in the swing and thats was a nice experience. Swinging and looking around is certainly an awesome and adventurous activity for a baby. I could not control my excitement and kicked my legs back and forth and occupied like a queen who just won a battle.

My mom, gently pushed me forward! Yes, I am swinging... I LOVED it so much.. she repeated it and I enjoyed it. How amazing it was to swing and watch out my surroundings - just like floating in the air..:)
I did not cry, was not afraid too! I swung many times...!

My pappa video captured my excitement and expressions on the swing, but myself- the smart girl - deleted it from the memory card! Now both of them are trying hard to retrieve it somehow!

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  1. Update: I failed in retrieving that cutest video. It's gone for ever..:(


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