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Friday, April 1, 2011

Liya and her puppy toy

 I have written here before about Liya's puppy toy and how much she loves it. The other day, when I told her 'we are going for an eve walk', she rushed into the bedroom and came back with her jacket on one hand and puppy toy in other hand. I was surprised to see the Puppy in her hand. I could not think about taking that Puppy along with us, because I knew it would be too embarrassing if someone sees the color of my kid's favorite toy. The gleaming pink had turned almost brown with a mixed stench of milk,oil and baby juice. It also carried the remnant of her daily menu - the crimson red of pomegranate, yellow of turmeric etc!!

But she was determined about taking it along. My all attempts to leave it back in the home failed, as she screamed and rolled all over the floor to show the severity of her refusal! Finally I had to shut my eyes and agree to her wish! Then also, I did not understand the idea behind taking the puppy instead of ball to play in the ground!

As we were walking, Liya suddenly stopped and slapped on her toy's tommy and shouted at it continuously. She wanted the toy to walk on its legs, the same way how she does! She placed its feet on the road, holding its ears and pushed to walk!!

She repeated all these when we went for walk next days. It took few days for me to understand why is she carrying her toy. The reason is very interesting- every day many people walk by the road, especially in the after noon and evening! Most of them are accompanied by their pet dogs and interestingly most of them are having small, cute puppies.

Little Liya has mistaken that her puppy toy is similar to those live ones walking by. So she is going for a walk with her dog!!! As simple as that..:)

By the way, she has named the puppy and poopy. Poopy is a very famous puppy character in a malayalam educational cartoon for kids. That's her favorite cartoon and hence she only named her puppy as 'Poopy' while she was calling it 'dogu' before!!

P.S: At last, I soaked the puppy toy in the detergent mixed water for about 2 hours and washed in the machine with hot water and dried!! And now, it looks fresh, clean, new and hygienic. Don't know how long its beauty will prevail though!


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