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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First Day At Daycare!

Beginning of the day: 
She was all thrilled to head to school. She had a nice bath, yummy break fast and dressed up really quick. *Kids are well disciplined and obedient if they smell the delight of going out.* As we stepped into the school, her eyes were sparkling with inquisitiveness. I took her around the room, she was ecstatic to see a lot of toys and bunches of friends. But she got a whiff of eccentric happenings around her and wanted to snuggle into my arms. Her little hands slowly clung to my thighs and did not let me move.

I pulled out some stuffed animals from a basket and some books from the shelf, she quickly grabbed the book and a toy Elmo and settled in well with those in her both hands. I asked her "shall I make a move", she nodded yes and I quickly moved out of the door. I watched her for sometime, through the glass and made sure there are no chaos of 'missing mom'. I had some words with the director of the center, Ms Loretta, asked them to give me a call if she frenzies out.
What's on her mind...?
The day for mom and dad:
It was distressful to head back home without Liya. J was working from home, and it's been more than 2 years since we sat in the house in solitary. Ever since Liya become a part and parcel of our life, everything in our home moves around her. We are well acquainted with the 'beauty' of a shabby house, with all toys scattered around, with the rhapsodies of her screams, frets and whimpers. Home without Liya is not home at all. Calmness and quietness don't fit into our home anymore.
The interesting thing I noticed is that my productivity doesn't go up without so much of disturbances around. I realize that the 'pseudo-whines' which prowl around very often are the motives to finish off work as early as possible.

I kept assuming what Liya must be doing over there. I was worried if she was crying or upset. I had a bad day, indeed!
The day for wee girl:
How did it go...? According to Ms Jena and Ms Angela - it was an okey day for her! Masha Allah, it wasn't a bad day.
They also added-
  • She did not cry much, but was terribly upset sometimes. Especially when they were changing her diapers, she was quite uncomfortable. {This is something I had expected, the little pie doesn't like 'strangers touching' on her body. :D}
  • She did not eat anything except few cookies, animal crackers and drank some juice. That sounds distressing for 'otherwise foodie girl'. {In fact, the little girl did not like the idea that she has to sit in a chair and eat. She usually runs around and gobble. So she needs to pick up the art of being disciplined on a lunch table...lol}
  • She was playing alone most of the day, did not actually go and play with other kids. {That's another expected behavior- she takes a lot of time to understand and adjust with new people.}
    That sounds great for me. Most of my friends had terrible 'first day/week' stories to tell, fortunately I don't have. Alhamdulillah *Thank God*.
    Her first day 'Activity Report'.

    In the evening:
    I picked her up by 3.30 in the evening. I was rushing to there, expecting her to swift into my arms to cuddle.  I hoped to see her eyes wet in the happiness of meeting mom after many hours. You know what...? Nothing happened- she simply ignored me as I stepped in. When I asked "Let's go".. she replied "bye bye..mamma".. means she is staying back and I can go if I want to. Finally, I had to carry her in my hands as walk out.

    These little pies are born with so much of attitude and they can quickly turn 'independent' when need arises...don't you think so? She waved bye bye to everyone and in fact her sound was echoing there. Great!
    As we got back home, I noticed a new chuckle and smugness on her face. She was simply running across the house with a smirk on her chin, doing random stuffs and humming some rhymes- it was apparent on her face that she was glad for what she has achieved through the day- the ultimate independence for a 2 year old mamma girl- being without mamma for an entire day!
    What did she learn?
    Interestingly, she learned many things in a day, though she was playing at a distance from her friends.
    • At times, she sings 'three four five' and claps.
    •  She sings 'A for ---(some word which I did not understand) B for --- (again some new word), and C for Chocolate (I never taught her C for chocolate and I rarely use the word at home as I don't give her chocos).
    • She did say "Aunty changed my diaper" when I was removing it.
    • She said "Aunty gave her biscuits and juice".
    • Read some stories and added a lot of new English words to her dictionary.
    So, that's all about the eventful first day.


    1. How exciting! I knew she would do well at the daycare =). Give her some time, she'll start playing with the other kids and eating lol.

      That's great that she picked up so much English her first day there!!

    2. I am so glad to hear Liya's first day went well! Soon you'll have to drag her out of daycare, she'll be having so much fun. The progress report is great.

    3. Yay, it went well! I'm sure she'll get used to everything. It might just take some time for her.

      Looking forward to the next update.

    4. It is so nice everything went well and she enjoyed her first day! It is not always so smooth.
      Must be a bit easier for you too.

    5. I love how she is walking around with a book and elmo - you can tell she is going to be smart :)
      Leigh @oneandoneequalstwinfun.com


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