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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday :: Henna designs on weeny hands

Growing up doesn't always mean that you become disciplined,
At times, it demands more chaos too...!

Last year: Henna did stay on her hand for long time.
This year: She rubbed it all over in less than 3 SECONDS.


  1. I have never done henna before :) I bet Liya had enjoyed experiencing with those :)

    Visiting from VB :)

  2. I am sure as she grows older the chaos will become less... maybe : )

  3. The 2011 pic just grosses me out! LOL The top one from 2010 looks beautiful.

    VoiceBoks Member

  4. Interesting! I'm following your FB too! I hope your visit! Have a wonderful Day!


  5. Would love to see more of your henna designs...the unsmeared one is gorgeous!


  6. looks like fun.
    Stopping in with WW and members to remember @ vB
    Pamela @ ReviewsSheROTE

  7. So cute! That is something we have not tried before, although I have seen it offered at art shows and festivals. Will have to get one next time.

  8. Hmmm...cool....never tried it.

    Sharon from VB

  9. Thanks for linking up at the Zoo today. The unsmeared one is pretty cool.

  10. The one from last year is cool. From this year? Not so much :P

    I did henna once. Turned out pretty cool. I kinda wanna get it done again but I don't know where else to get it than the yearly fair I got it at, and I haven't seen the fair be advertised in the last couple years. It was a big and popular one on my town. :-/

  11. Thank you all. Applying henna on hands is very common in our place. In fact, most of our ladies have mastered the art. We celebrate our auspicious occasions like wedding, our festivals Eid etc with beautiful henna decorations on hands. :)

    Angela, Sarah - You can get the henna cone in middle eastern or Indian/Asian stores, anywhere in US. You can try your artistic skills in design, as well. ;)


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