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Thursday, April 14, 2011

A bad news in the morning..

I was dazed for few seconds by reading the first news in the morning- the very popular playback singer, K.S Chithra's eight year old daughter drowned in a swimming pool in Dubai. Although I am not much interested in movies and not music freak either, I stumbled upon the painful news and I am sure every mom would definitely be the same. Losing a child is something a parent can never think of even in a worst nightmare. When it is a child born after 15 years of waiting and constant prayers, how painful the situation would be! Words can never heal the depth of the wound the couples are in, no condolence messages can reduce the intensity of the misfortune too! All we can say is that, it is an unpredictable twist of fate or inevitable decision of Almighty God.
I sincerely pray and plead the Almighty God that  give her and family the strength to overcome the horrendous ordeal they are in. 


  1. Hi
    I was also taken by shock on hearing this news. And that too at the auspicious time of Vishu. Pray that she is granted the courage to go through this tough period

  2. True, for her Vishu will not be a celebration time any more!

  3. I could not even imagine the state of Chitra! Nandana entering her life after 15 years of marriage, and then happening of this incident..
    Losing a child - The grief has depth beyond words.

  4. Losing a child - The grief has depth beyond words. Right!!


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