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Saturday, April 9, 2011

A mom I met in the crowd..

Few weeks ago as we were shopping in Tops market, I met a mom, let's call her M. She was shopping along with her two children- one girl  looks 7-8 years old and she was mentally retarded; She looked all heathy otherwise but was making terrible noise and pushed all things off from the shelves and ran across the store causing inconvenience to many shoppers. M's second child was a boy he was sitting in a wheelchair, appeared as if 10-11 years old. He was sitting with his head a bit tilted and I first thought he was sleeping. I looked at the boy again and was terribly dismayed!

He was neither sleeping nor dreaming. He looked as if he is paralyzed and he can't move or talk at all with an agonized and pitiful face . I was watching him for such a long and he did not move even his fingers. In between M went near and patted on his body, but he did not respond either. I could see all affection and care of a mom on her face.  He was sitting a like a statue while his sister was making terrible noise and running all over. M was struggling to manage between her hyperactive girl and inactive boy.

I do not know who M is, did not spoke her either. She just told me a sorry when her daughter scared Liya with a terrible noise. That was the only conversation we had. But M is passing through my mind very often. She was outside home along with two abnormal kids, that's too nobody accompanying her for a helping hand. And yes it's quite common in US that many times moms grow their children up without aid of their father/parents- but thats a different funda all together - we Indians may simply say it as 'cultural difference'. But M definitely is an exceptional mom I have ever met. She appeared all calm and cool, was speaking really soft to her girl.  I feel so much respect for her. This is called real unconditional love! She can not even get a sweet smile back from her children. She may not even enjoy the pleasure of motherhood!  But she did not leave them behind instead carried them everywhere she goes.

I tried to guess what would have been her thought when she first realized that her both children are one or another way disabled, I do not know what force drives her forward with a smile on her face- could that be her belief in God or miracles?


  1. MashaAllah, I have no idea either. Moms bear the brunt of everything (even things that would make others fall apart). Allah's will...that's my answer.

  2. Sincerely pray God gives her the strength to carry on and I hope for a miracle in her life..

  3. @Salma, "Moms bear the brunt of everything", Very true..!

    @Rashmi- Yes, prayer- that's the only thing we can do for such people, but they give us the strength to face any difficult situation; also tell us how lucky we are..!

  4. This I must say, being a mother is a very touching tale. I have a normal child, and still there are times, tiring times, when I loose my cool and wish I could have a Nanny or a helping hand in dealing with her. I'm sure M has a exceptional patience and endurance. And she definitely is a women who has maintained her balance within her.

  5. I had goose bumps when I read ur post. Probably such women show the mental strength of a mother.

  6. Pooja, Spicy sweet: Thanks so much for dropping by..!

  7. A touching story... In very few words it says what it means to be a mother and what mothers are. No-one can replace a mother in anyone's life. The patience that M showed is not rare, in fact its every mother's story. All of them struggle for their kids and sacrifice a lot. I remember when my Maa stopped watching television at all only because we should concentrate on our studies. Salute to all mothers of the world.
    Just like that...

  8. God created mothers because HE could not be everywhere. This mother proves the point. In India we are spoiled because paid help is easily available and also affordable, whereas it is not so abroad, especially in the US and Europe.

  9. surely a tale for all the 'M's blessed wid healthy normal children . very touching :)
    am startin 2 love ur blog :)


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