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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Then and now

.. A desperate attempt to revive childhood..
The other day, as Liya appeared peevish and was crying with a fretful whimper, I was forced to take a break from my work and play with her. She did not seem to be interested in her toys anymore and all she wanted was going out and playing in the meadow. But it was drizzling and windy outside and hence I was compelled to ignore her request and stay back home. Well, I was challenged to come up with an idea to lure her.
I got a quaint idea of tying a cradle somewhere and swinging her favorite puppy toy on that. I could not find any hook, so tied one on her stroller handle using my shawl. In rural India it is very common that babies are swung to sleep on a traditional cloth cradle, which is usually fastened to the roof using strong ropes. In my place, grannies insist that baby should be cradled in this way for some blah blah reasons. Liya was never cradled as I always preferred co-sleeping. I always believe co-sleeping makes child feel more secure and moreover nothing in this world can be replaced with the warmth of mom's presence and care. She has always been blissfully enjoying it. The cranky girl did not find the idea much interesting, she did not even pass a smile. May be because she could not digest a concept which has never seen or experienced. At last, the goofy mom had to take baby out and play in the patchy drizzle.

But this incident made me very nostalgic, helped me revive my childhood memories. During rainy seasons, as we were forced to sit back home, we loved playing 'kids and family', we tied up cradle using saree/shawl and swayed our baby dolls to sleep. I do not think that my munchkin will ever get the kinda of childhood we had where we were let free to explore, roam around, play in dust, mud and water. She may not even know the joy of floating paper boats in the streams of monsoon rain. She may not know the excitement of waiting for the rain to get over to collect mangoes and cashew fruits.. Hmm, those were the days.. the days of innocence! Those were the times we learned the value of togetherness, the meaning of loving people around, the importance of caring for others and the beauty of sharing! The scenario has changed in Kerala too. TV, laptops and animated CDs have taken over the time to spent exploring nature and life around. Many of the rivers, ponds and streams are extinct. Lots of mango, jack fruit, cashew trees are cut down..!

Do I sound like paranoid mom who tries to insist her kinda of childhood for her child too? Did you feel so?  I know that so many years have passed by and the situations we live in have changed and the priorities in our life too. The point, at least I believe is that every parent should ensure that their child is enjoying childhood and in an healthy way! We have to ensure that our children learn to love, share and care for others too. We have to foresee the upcoming of a well mannered, energetic generation with an eye for the well being of the society and nature too. I feel so sorry for house-arresting Liya for about 6 months in Buffalo- yes I was left with no option in a chilling snowy winter season.


  1. Your post title caught my interest and made me read this one.
    I've used a similar "Then and Now, But When"

    And yes, as parents it is upon us to guide them and show them the paths, but along with us, there are many other factors that push them the other way.

    But you need not worry, as your princess has a perfect mother!

  2. Pooja, thanx for dropping by and for the flattery too! I read ur article with almost the same title but a completely different content. I enjoyed reading it!

  3. Yes, you do sound like a paranoid mom. But then, so does each mother and father who have lived through that kind of natural upbringing. your concerns are shared by many a moms and dads, the only difference is that you have the talent to infect the reader too with this "paranoia".

  4. @ Salam, I am glad if my 'virus' could infect at-least one reader..:)

  5. Nishana, the memories of your childhood is so fresh and refreshing. These unfolded memories when told to Lia will probably build a fantasy land of your place.

  6. @ SS, hope she won't understand it as an ancient era..:)

  7. Nishana,

    Thanks a lot for adding me to your net-work. I also did the same.

    You see, it is in all of us Keralites(I am also a Keralite)to live in the imagined loss of the past. I think it is not when you worry what you cannot give your child but when feel happy about what you can give her, you become a good mother.

    Do not worry. I was also once like when I was in your stage. But now I have passed that stage. Be always happy when you are with your child,she can pick your feelings:)

    All the best for Liya. By the way how old is she?

  8. Prasanna, Well said fact! Thank you very much.

    She is one and half year old.

  9. Ah, your childhood memories sound so sweet. It's sad to me that children now have so many toys and electronics. One of my favorite things about growing up when I did is that we DIDN'T have those things. We played outside and used our imaginations for everything.

  10. Thanks Tricia! We played outside and our imaginations crossed sky and we were never bored of that. We loved to do it again and again, while our children fall bored and lose interest in all those 'branded electronic toys' in a day or two.

  11. While your child will not experience so many things you did as one, she will experience so much you never got to. She will create her own memories, and warm evenings inside a house, looking at a snow-clad landscape will be one of them too. Don't you fret!

  12. Hey, truly said. The fact is that this happens with every generation too. We have been blessed with lots of things which our parents never had in their childhood. You are right that our children would cherish their own happiness and togetherness of their childhood.

    On the other hand it is a fact that, these days kids get house arrested from early in the childhood and actually miss the learning from being together and playing together. Many parents do that. Also, many parents confine their kid's dreams, ambitions, talents and imagination to their own 'lost dreams', kids get overload of academics too. :)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Really appreciated!


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