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Saturday, September 10, 2011

The big day for little girl!

Did I share with you the big news? Yesterday was little Liya's first ever day at school. Yes, she is too small for schooling hence I enrolled her in a daycare. So, two days in a week are gonna be much different than usual for both mom and girl.
All set for a first day!

Doesn't it sound strange that I work from home and still packing girl to a daycare? Well, this is a decision taken after so much of pondering, analysis and observation. I found that L is getting really bored, sitting home alone, no one to play with her especially kids of her age. Weather is behaving erratic that she is unable to go and play in the park, as well. Moreover, all her friends are going back to school as falls has already begun and she started feeling quite separated and lonely. Kids need to play with friends of their age- that's where they develop cognitive, social and interpersonal skills, don't you think so?

We enrolled her in Educare Early Childhood learning center, almost a week ago. Since then, I have been awaiting the FIRST day with a lot of mixed anxieties. I kept imagining how is she gonna sit there! She is so much used to having me around, she just can not live a minute without seeing me and how such a momma girl gonna be away from mom, through the day?
The previous day, I have been thinking on this so much that I even felt she is gonna come back with me as I drop her and leave. I was more worried about her food, toileting etc. She has a strange behavior, especially when she is in the midst of strange people. She doesn't like altering her way of doing things, rather we should alter our methods to fit into her likes. She doesn't like people touching her, she doesn't share toys or play with kids unless she becomes very much familiar with them. But, she loves being surrounded with kids!
Her grandparents were kind of puzzled too. They also encouraged that we must send her somewhere so that she will get to mingle with people, but they were equally worried about how is gonna sit back there without seeing me whole day. They were advising "if she is crying, please take her back home, don't let her cry."
Another thing which worried me was the meal plans. We can not opt for meat as they don't serve halal food, but I am still not sure how is my little girl who is so much fond of chicken, gonna eat veggies when her friends slurp chicken nuggets!!
Her teachers were quite open to the scenario and they offer a veggie meal, as well. They have got a  few kids in her same room who are pure veggies. I have opted for a meat free menu, which includes eggs fish etc, but no Jello.
Toileting is a big deal, she is completely out of diapers at home and very well toilet trained. She tells me if she has to pee or poo but if someone is around she may creep into bedroom and do it 'behind the door', she doesn't like to tell that "I have to pee/poo" in front of some guests....lol! I explained the whole situation to them.

Language is another major constraint. Her primary language is Malayalam. Though she talks in English, only J and I can understand her English, at times her J aunty - our neighbor - too. Her teachers told me that's no a big deal at all for them and they are used to having such kids in the school.

Finally,  little girl had a NOT SO BAD day at daycare, yesterday (8 Sep 2011). Stay tuned for my post on 'First day at daycare'.


  1. MashAllah so cute, my daughter is starting pre school (2 days a week as well) on Monday. We went over to the preschool today for a parent teacher meeting....she's very excited about going to school and was upset when we left.

  2. Sounds great! Glad she had a good first day. Can't wait to read about it!

    In my (inexperienced) opinion, I feel you're doing the right thing. Like you said, she's getting bored being at home and needs to interact with kids her own age. And from what I remember from the two psychology classes I took on children and education and development (required when I was studying to be a teacher), interacting with other kids is very important in developing the social, cognitive, and interpersonal skills. And if you want her to learn English as well as she knows Malayalam, daycare will probably be great for her as most other kids there will know English and be learning it.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    P.S. Is that mommy's purse that she has in the first picture? ;) And she seems very happy to be sitting on the "big girl" potty :)

  3. Your daughter is so cute and I totally agree with what you're doing.

    I'm following you from VB. You stopped by my blog 'Charm's Mind'. I wanna thank you for that.


  4. I hope she enjoys herself. My youngest started school this week. So all 3 are at school now, I do miss her! I am however looking forward to have some 'me' time. Karima :)

  5. I completely understand you having Liya attend daycare 2 days a week. Lots of parents do it. It's great for socializing. She will get used to being around other people, which is very important. She will also learn English better and learn how to share and how to separate from you. It's almost impossible for you to teach her how to socialize in a school/group setting at home. This will help her so much when she starts school.

    I can't wait to hear how her first day went!

  6. YAY Liya.

    MashaAllah look who's growing up!
    Did mommy cry? I cried and will do it again...I am so happy to see her venture out.


  7. She is going to have a great time and learn so much!

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  8. I am also following your wonderful blog on GFC!

    Vicky @ http://messforless.blogspot.com

  9. This is great, she will get to know and play with other children, I imagine the first days might be tough but after all it's a nice experience for you both.! Oh she looks so lovely for her first day!

  10. She looks so cute and glad that she had a great first day of school.
    Hope you're having a great week,
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