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Friday, September 9, 2011

Toddler Talk :: Tricks with Stories

I have been dying to share some mommy-girl moments with you. Time wasn't permitting me. Better late than never, so here you go!
Liya's cooking - Banana Water Shake
Incident one:
I share a lot of stories with Liya, (as you know- many of them we read through books) OR some I build up myself to 'fit' in the context and distract her from usual temper tantrums, whining or clinginess. If she behaves fussy during her mealtime or if she doesn't show any sign of sleep but play with her toys, late in the night, I weave stories and share with her.

The other day, during the bedtime, the blabbermouth was going on and on with some unstoppable chirruping, I had to intervene with a story. I began "long long ago, there was a Rabbit.. who was playing a lot through the day and was returning home.." Suddenly she whispered 'bas' (stop, enough - Hindi) with her fingers on lips and buzzing shhhh...! I was amazed that she doesn't wanna listen to the story and stopped. The next moment, she cuddled her favorite puppy toy *she sleeps with her dolls on one side* and began telling 'him'..."long long ago...there was a Rabbit"! So that's it, she wants her baby to sleep too. So being a responsible mom she was sharing storytime with her 'kid'....lol!
Mamma's wallet keeper
Incident Two
During mealtime, I twist stories to "...the elephant was hungry and his mom gave him oatmeal.."Oatmeal is often replaced with the particular item on her plate, sometimes rice, banana etc... One day she did not want to have food but mom's milk. I began a story as she sounded fussy,  "...the elephant was a so hungry, he wanted to have something...and his mom gave him...Gave him what??"
What's next in my agenda?

I was expecting Liya to fill in 'Maamu (rice)' as that was there on her plate. Instead she uttered what was there on her mind - 'du du' (derived from Hindi, which she refers to mom's milk) and looked at me as if "in my story elephant is given du du not rice, I am hungry too, give me du du.. don't try to fool me always...!"

Moral of the story - Kids in this era are darn smart, they smell what's going on your mind!


  1. Hi there - thanks for linking up on Friday Funny. Such sweet stories that make you smile.


  2. Haha, aww, how cute! You're right - she's pretty dang smart for almost 2! Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh mashAllah how cute! Kids always make me smile!


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