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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yay, 1.5 years..!!

So, it indicates a transition too! Charming munchkin is no more a baby, left her babyhood (as experts say, I have least idea though) and a full-time toddler now. She no more behaves like a baby nowadays, rather she is more versatile and ready to deal with household chores too. Here comes a glimpse of my sugar-cube's most recent, amusing activities:

(Caution: long post ahead)
- She has an amazingly wide vocabulary, understands anything you tell her in Malayalam. She has a really appreciative vocabulary in English too! She is in the initial stage of combining words to make sentences, she is able to connect 2-3 words and convey her needs.

- She imitates every word falls on her ears, never seems perplexed by accents or dialects! She earnestly peep in and honestly imitate the words while J and I having serious conversation on any contemporary topics too. She often voice her opinion in the such debates, which either of us never understand. I often wonder how well she listen/observe what we speak and do!

- She makes her own choice for many things . If I play her fav kid's videos and animations, she nods her head to express that she simply doesn't want the particular one, but another. Almost all the times, even before the song starts, she understands which one it is gonna be by seeing the titles on the screen. She sometimes vent her excitement with emphatic sounds and gesters, while some other times, she screams and rolls through the floor to express the intensity of her 'hostility' towards the decision made purely on mamma's discretion. She is growing more and more intractable with each day that passes.

- The moment she gets into car, she would say "Paatu" means song; which implies that music should be ON in next few seconds, otherwise she might push her off from her car seat and demand immediate  attention to her need. She sings the first line of her favorite rhymes even by hearing the background music.
...on a slider....

- She speaks well over phone- especially with her grand parents. Even though I try to help her with conversation, she deliberately ignores and forms her own sentences and talk! I must say that she is growing as a 24x7 chatter box.

- She insists very often to get out of house and play in the yard. She spends almost an hour every day on the swing- she also refuses to get down.

- She is becoming much social these days, yet she turns all silent and nonchalant till she gets familiar with the strangers she surrounded with. She wishes every one she meets in the malls etc with a beautiful "Hi, Hello". Looks like she is adapting US culture much faster. :(

- A very interesting thing I noticed is that few words she pronounces in reverse order. For example:
       *  jug  (L's lingo -> gaj)
       *  cashew (L's lingo -> shakew)
       *  kite (L's lingo -> tike)
- Many words she ends with 'aa'. For example:
       * Cara (Car)
       * Bussa (Bus)
       * Lapthapa (Laptop)
       * Sullalla (Stroller)
       * Takkattta (Jacket)
- Few words she repeats twice for no reason. For example:
       * Bedda Bedda (Bread)
       * Vella Vella (Vellam - Malayalam for Water)
       * Kalla Kalla (Kadala- Malayalam for Peanut)

- She is very much obstinate these days- she takes a decision and goes to any extend to implement it. Nothing can deviate her from what she has been wished for.

- When her Pappa is around, she just doesn't bother me at all! Many times she ignores me. But I should be there somewhere in her vicinity. She comes and knocks the door even if I go for a shower.

- She can differentiate the sounds of Bus, Car, Air plane, birds, crow etc without seeing it.
- She thinks every black car going through the road is her Pappa's one. :)
- If I ask her 'Liya, lets have food' she would reply 'Meemeemi kallala tatta' simply means that 'she wants the biriyani with peanuts and egg, that is Lemon rice with omlet!!
- She weighs 24.1lbs (11 kg) which is just above average. But her height is 35 inch (89 cm) and her doc says height is slightly above the maximum height an Indian baby can have in her age...eh???
- She continues to be cleanliness freak, disliking eye liner, loving books and doodling.

Lot more to say, but I have to stop somewhere. It is a fact that every mom goes on and on when talking about their kids..:)

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  1. Beautifully written update.
    One recent photo would have made the post complete Nishana.

  2. very promising live sketch of Liya's growth. Amazing how wonderful children are


  3. Thank you very much!
    SS, you said it! I have added one, not very recent. In fact she doesn't let me click snaps of her these days. She would snatch cam to click mine instead..:)

    Prasanna, yes there are wonders if we watch kids closely.. they grow up really quickly than we cud think of..!

  4. You are a lovable MOM.. I am confused here, whether you are gift to Liya or vice versa.. Hmm you both are precious..

    Someone is Special

  5. SiS, Thank you. You made me smile :)

  6. Very unique name, Liya. Hope she continues to give you a wonderful time.

    Thanks for stopping by on my site. Now that you've come, I should see you more often. :)


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