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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Road trip via Nadukani...

I have been MIA for quite sometime now. We went homeland for Christmas holidays. We had yet another wonderful road trip. This time, we chose a different way, via Nadukani which is in the western ghats,  and so we passed through Bandipur Tiger reserve.

Liya had awesome time seeing animals walking in the road side. We were in the forest around 4.00 pm and many animals were roaming around. The first one we met on the road was an elephant. He was pretty old and unusually alone. Usually you see elephants in the forest area traveling in groups. We also got to see numerous deers in action.

L was all excited until we met someone who looked scary - the gray langurs. They were just too many and some of them even dared to get onto our car and L screamed in fear.

There were small monkeys also. But the gray langurs scared her so much that she didn't want to see them anymore.

Since we pass by local farmers and farms we got to pile the car up with numerous fresh, yet cheap goodies. Mangoes, Melons, Jack fruit, veggies, tomatoes, sapotas (Sapodilla) etc... See some of them below.

Liya did not eat sugarcane though she seems to be excited to hold it. J thinks that the whole chewing and effort is not worth it...lol! So, I got to eat them in full. Well, I think it's worth it (once in a while). 


  1. Such a beautiful road trip. I wish I take a break and could go too ... Wants one badly :(

    1. Take a break and set off! Moms really need breaks and trips...:)

  2. It must have been a great trip Nishana. And it looks like you all enjoyed it A LOT.
    Love from France to you all. Stay well.

    1. Indeed it was a great trip... Sending love to you both from India..:)

  3. How many kids can say that they saw elephants and monkeys on a road trip :)
    Love it.


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