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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Project 2014 :: Week 2

Day 5: We are into exploring globe and learning about countries. So far, L loves it. 
Day 6: She is trying to build up her own map. The countries she marked are "India, Saudi Arabia, USA, Canada, China and Russia". For some reason these are her fav countries and see how close they lie in our map. Now, forget about 24-30 hours of tiring journey from India to USA. :)

Day 7: Look who is home! Our new weight watcher, which is purely girlish...:) Liya checks her weight every day twice to see if she is growing...lol!

Day 8: Liya now puts her efforts in reading on her own. Though she is very lazy and loves to listen more than reading, at times she is very motivated to read new paper. Reading a piece from theHindu, where it listed out all major things happened in the country over the year 2013.

Day 9: New set of books we received from Amazon.in today. Books- the best of all gifts that Liya loves the most!

Day 10: Marble cheese cake. Yummy!

Day 11: It's weekend and so some reading time with Dad!

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