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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Beach Photography

Can't you hear the footsteps of snowy days...?
I dread that it's very closer... 
As fall will be ending soon,
Let me share some moments from our 'fall days'... 
Have a look at our day at Toronto Island Beach!


  1. I wish we could also go back to those days.. to play in the water. Getting green with envy when I see Liya sitting in the water, enjoying every moment.

  2. Najee- Same here! Wish I could go back too..:)

    But glad that at least I can watch her playing in the water and cherish those moments too..!

  3. I wish I was at the beach right now!
    Cute pic.
    From VB

  4. Oh I wish we could be at the beach. Well I guess we could BE there, we just wouldn't dare touch the water and we would be covered in polar fleece! Fall is here and it is a cool one after a cool summer.

  5. Beautiful pictures! It has been much to long since I have been to the beach!

  6. I also dread the winter. It's just the driving in the snow and ice that bother me. I love your beach photos. Looks like you had so much fun. Stopping by from Wordless Wednesday.

  7. I'm also not looking forward to the winter, although it will be the first time in several years that I will spend it on the rainy side of Washington instead of the snowy and icy side. That'll be nice.

    Can't tell because her face is turned but i looks like she's having fun splashing in the water. That's always good :)

  8. Assalamu Aleykum sis,

    mashALLAH such beautiful pictures, I was myself born in a city located on the Atlantic ocean coast and I miss the beach so much.What a brave litte Liya, she doesn't seem to fear water at all and looks like she would love "swimming" in there!Enjoy the beach as much as you can until winter comes InshALLAH.

    Lot of love

  9. I am sad that summer is passing and winter will soon be here. I dread the cold! It looks like she is having a blast playing in the water :) Great pictures!

  10. Wow, good nice pics thanks for sharing very nice pics.


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