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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Book of the Week :: What's the Matter Bunny Blue?

Our apologies for not sharing a story last week. This week we are going to share with you another wonderful story- What's the Matter, Bunny Blue? by Nicola Smee.

What's the matter Bunny Blue....?
"I've lost my Granny! BOO HOO HOO!"

What's it all about? The little blue Bunny is all distraught because he lost his Granny! The story begins with wide eyed little Bunny meandering around, sobbing  "Granny Granny! Where are you?"
Some lovely, caring animals hear Bunny Blue's whining and stop to help {How sweet, right?}. A bee, goose, tiger, crocodile, bear, and fox gently ask some questions to get some clues: "What does she look like…?", "Can you give us another clue?" "Is she, by any chance, blue like you?" Bunny's replies are punctuated with "BOO HOO HOO!" Bunny gives some clues -"twinkly eyes" "a BIG smile," and "soft, furry arms" and her charming friends are searching for Granny everywhere- "Granny Granny, where are you" ....and finally they found out Bunny's granny and he says "Granny, I am going to stick to you like GLUE."

Mommy thoughts? It is a beautiful story to read with your little ones. This story teaches the heartfelt emotions of being lost and then the reassurance of being found and the boosting of love. It also teaches the need of helping anyone who is in need. As a wee girl, I had only read the stories of fox eating bunnies or tigers attaching deer etc... Al though, the characters in this story are not very helping in reality, I feel it is a better idea to implant the seeds of love and helping each other than sharing the 'terrific' stories of killing and eating, with our lovely bunches.

I like the illustrations, very neat, with well balanced use of white space and big text. The conversations are rhyming too. Finely selected colors and warming pictures makes it more attractive to toddlers.

Liya's take? She refer to this book as "Granny Granny where are you". She loves repeating that sentences. She loves the way Bunny sobs -BOO HOO HOO... she can't stop laughing when I 'sing' it. This book is her current obsession!


  1. lovely! this my girl s fav too! surely after Dr.Suess's Hop on Pop.. she is just 13 months old but gets so excited when she sees this book.

    lovely blog! I am gonna read more as soon as the lil one sleeps :D



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