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Monday, October 17, 2011

2 year- What am I upto?

Hi There,

As you already know, I am a big girl- 2 years old. So, what am I up to these days?

Schooling- I enjoy my school time. I love going there. My momma found out the secret behind my (pseudo) whining. She found that only if pappa drops me at school I behave weird, but if she drops me, I stay all calm and  cool. I even give her bye bye, kiss and walk into the class room. So these days, mamma drops me to school and things are going well. Mommas find out every bit of our tricks... huh?

I do a lot of things at school. Last friday, momma and pappa attended the open house conducted in my school and my teacher showed them everything 'crafty' I did there. Ms Angela told, I am very creative and loves listening to stories.You know, I eat well from school and naps well too. Yay!!

Mrs Angela also said I sleep independently while most children in the class are cuddled/patted on their back to sleep and she said it's nice at this age.

I love my school, my teachers and I have bunches of friends and we play together.

Language - I make a lot of sentences in English now. I know how to ask one person's name, to greet 'Hi, how are you' if I see someone... and many sentences that we use daily. I talk a lot in the school, I talk to my friends, as well. I make a lot of funny sentences- my momma says. The other day we were going to Indian store and my momma asked me where you wanna go- I said 'I want Indian store' instead of I wanna go to Indian store.. I make a lot of grammar chaos and both of them laugh aloud and I join them too. :)

Malayalam- as you know, I speak well. But I continue mixing up Malayalam word if I don't get a English word to replace.

Artistic - I learned several new rhymes from school. I do a lot of dancing too. I also color everywhere all the day at home- in Pappa's books, on the walls, on my toys, phone, laptops, my body.... wherever I feel like! I draw duck, cat, flower, monkey... but my momma says all look the same... lol!

In my school we all sit in the floor in a round near Ms Jena, and I made a ruling at home too. Whenever I draw or play with blocks, I want both of them to sit around me in the floor and watch. Whenever I want to play 'laa laa laa tha thaa thhaaa' or 'ring-a- ring- a rossie' I want both of them to leave all their work and join me. How can I play alone... huh?

Independent- I learned several ways to be independent and do things myself. So, I eat with my hand, I wipe my face or nose with tissue without anyone's help, I know to dress myself, though I mess up with it. I choose my food- mommy's timetables don't work anymore. I don't need cuddling to fall asleep- if I feel drowsy, I just need to get my blanket and a bed.

Nursing- Did my mom tell you? Couple of week ago, she stopped nursing me. I didn't know it. (he he). I keep asking for du-du some times and she takes out some tricks and deviates my attention.

Reading- Continue reading/loving books. It has come down a bit as I head to school two whole days. But I read books there too. I often cry 'Mamma let's go to library'... :P

That's all for now. Bye, see you later. Insha Allah!



  1. I liked this update from Liya's point of view. It was great to read about what she's been up to lately :)

  2. Salam,
    Growing bigger, right? Loved her updates. Hope I can see her someday.

  3. When one of my boys were little, he took a permanent marker and drew a picture on our newly painted bedroom wall...I couldn't remove it, because it was so sweet!

  4. Aww.. Liya is growing up so fast. Loved reading her story, for a change ;)

  5. Salam alaikum. Look who's a big two year old.
    dearest Liya, I can see that you have been very busy.

    I love you so much. Try to stay out of trouble, and give big smiles to mommy ok?

  6. wow, so nice Good post, thanks for sharing.

  7. is 2 years a bit yearly for school? Loved the post.

  8. Thank you all!

    Najee (About Ayisha) - We are dying to meet you both. Insha Allah, hope it will happen soon.

    Becky- Haa...that's very true Becky. My mamma didn't wipe out the scribbles on our wall either...:)

    Salma - Sure...:)

    Joshi- In fact it is not schooling- I am heading to daycare... twice in a week. Mamma has written a detailed post about this decision sometime back.. :)


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