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Saturday, July 2, 2011


Hello Readers,

Sorry for a long break in posting. We are back from an awesome trip to New York and D.C and were exhausted after 3 days of trip. Liya is all fine Alhamdulillah. She enjoyed her trip and was super cool throughout.

We could not share our 'story of the week' on Wednesday. Sorry about missing commitments. Will continue through next week insha Allah.

Thank you for all who stopped by and followed Princess Liya. We will stop by your blogs and follow back at the earliest. Insha Allah!

Stay tuned and listen to our travel stories.

Happy weekend!


  1. Hope you enjoyed your trip! I love living in DC and hope everyone was nice to you during your visit :)

  2. @Amazing Fabulous Wedding

    Yes. We did enjoy our trip and I fell in love with DC. It was very hot the day we visited, but I liked the city very much! Actually I liked DC more than NYC.


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