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Monday, May 16, 2011

New Playmate

Sadhana and Liya
Finally, Liya got a playmate- Sadhana, J's friend's 5 year old daughter. They recently moved to US and staying in the same apartment- just few steps away. To my wonder, Liya seems to be extremely comfortable with Sadhana and loves playing with her for long time. Liya calls her 'sayu' (baby lingo version of sadhu).
Surprisingly, Liya shares her toys etc with Sadhana (except her laptop) they play lots of games. Sadhana being a grown-up girl (I mean compared to Liya) she is very caring and loving too. She understands that Liya is a small girl and (at times) she may not like sharing her toys or accessories but Sadhu is quiet comfortable with that. Moreover, Sadhu is very much matured for a 5 year old. Many times I love talking to her because she would say 'big, big' things, not mere babbling but she makes interesting valid points.

Although, so many kids gather in the play area, some of Liya's age, few elder/younger to her, she always keeps a distance and play alone. She copies whatever they do but doesn't show much interest in mingling and playing with them. She run behind them and talk to them, but when they come near she runs. But she behaves all different with Sadhu.

As soon as Sadhana comes, Liya brings her ball etc and play with her. Sadhana draws different pics for her and Liya shares her comments and appreciations too. She imitates everything Sadhana does- they dance, sing, jump from bed to the floor. I am so happy that Liya enjoys every moment playing with Sadhana.

The other day, Sadhana came wearing a dupatta (shawl) and Liya wanted a dupatta too. I gave her a lighter scarf of mine and she wore it on her neck in the same way Sadhana had done. :)


  1. That's wonderful...finding friends is not easy, even for little ones. InshaAllah they will be friends for a long time.

  2. Assalamu Aleykum sister,

    You have a beautiful blog and an adorable little girl mashALLAH.I'll keep reading!

  3. Nishana,

    that is an excellent opportunity. You know with the firstborn there is a lack of opportunity to get socialised or to get mediated. We do have a say in our language that the first born is less intelligent than the second. I know the parents these days are taking extra care against this by sending them to play school.

    Recently I read a research report supporting that point. So you are lucky. keep on posting


  4. cute blog for a cute baby i guess :)
    a lovely baby :)
    even i had a cousin who always wanted to imitate her elder sis. its always fun to watch little kids. :)

    a cute blog!

  5. You have got a cute blog...Just found you through indiblogger....
    Pls drop in @ minne too...when time permits....

  6. Um Zakarya,CIVILPRINCESS, mistysnow >> Now that you have stopped by, I hope to see you around very often. :D


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