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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weekend at 'Explore and More'

It's been long time since I am planning to take Liya to some play group. Mainly because she doesn't get much children to mingle and play with and hence she is growing selfish and unsocial everyday. :D

I found out Explore and More through internet, which is WNY's only one Children's Museum (as they claim).
Unfortunately there were NO children on the day we went. I must say that Liya enjoyed her day there. She explored and played a lot.

The corner she enjoyed most was the mini kitchen designed for children to play. It carried the mock-ups of almost all kitchen items. She was happy to tie a baby 'apron' and cook. She went near the basin area and 'washed' her hands very often (even though water doesn't come out from the tap). This was something which caught my surprise– I never knew that she is watching every bit I am doing in kitchen even though she seems busy playing with her toys. She picked some plastic veggies from the basket and searched for a knife to chop them.

We had an awesome drive from Buffalo to Aurora. It was very greenish and crowded with trees. There were very less vehicles on the road. Liya did not take her eyes from scenery, she was all excited to see new greenery.  She was expressing her excitement very often.

 Click below if you wanna see more snaps. Many of them are in bad quality because Liya was running from one place to another and was not interested in posing for pics.

Explore and More

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