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Monday, May 2, 2011

Don'ts everywhere...

Like I mentioned in my previous post, Liya was taken for a routine blood test yesterday. The medical lab was big and popular one. It was again process driven and spent almost 15-20 minutes, filling different forms and answering same questions many times. There were three rounds of spell check for her and guardian's name, first we filled in the form, secondly R announced (as she inputted into computer) it so that we can correct if there is any mistake and thirdly (after printing) she wanted us to spell it and she verified [sigh ☮].
J whispered me 'Technology doesn't make life easy always, at times it makes life tougher too'.
I took a round in the lab in between. There I saw a hilarious, unusual scene. There was a small side table, on top of it they had kept a hand sanitizer liquid bottle, few pens, a board and few papers (something like the attendance register for the staff), a bundle of tissue etc. Right on the sanitizer bottle, I could see a slip written 'DO NOT take this bottle'. This made me chuckle for a while and was wondering what incident might have made them leave a slip there. To my wonder I saw another DO NOT in the attendance register-right half of the sheet was written with 'DO NOT sign here' and then DO NOT take away this pen. We moved on and we were handed over a writing pad along with a pen while we sat in front of R. On the board I saw another one 'DO NOT take this pen'. There was a pen holder on her table with 5-6 various color marker pens- the holder was again labelled 'DO NOT take these away'. Saw so many DO NOTs there, on top of the syringe and needle stand, next to the hand gloves dispenser etc.

I was wondering if any cynic person works over there to sketch all these 'negative' impressions. Or is it that most of the people coming there for a medical lab test usually steal hand sanitizers, pens, papers, syringes, markers etc? I see the chance of latter one very limited because (a) if so why don't I see this 'DO NOT' boards everywhere I go (b) I do not think these are some expensive things for an average American.

Doesn't it sound strange? Don't you think that leaving a 'negative' note everywhere in the vicinity is not something advisable especially in a healthcare premises?

 If at all it is required, wouldn't be better to make it in positive sentences- in a humble request tone rather than in a warning tone?


  1. There are definitely pros and cons of technology.
    DON'Ts are strange in the sense that it makes people want to DO this or that (if you know what I mean).
    I think there is a more tactful way of saying DON'T without making it sound negative.
    On the other hand...we as parents say 'don't' a lot to our childrem (at least I do...)

    Salams to you and Liya.

  2. Waslikkum Salaam,

    Hey that's an interesting thought you implanted in my brain. As parents we must adopt effective and positive ways of conveying DON'T's to our children too. As children we(at least I) hated hearing DON'Ts from parents/relatives/teachers and in fact many times tended to do what is said wrong. I did not think in that perspective while I posted this, but definitely it makes lot of sense as our children are again a generation next and would definitely hate hearing/seeing DON'Ts.

    May Almighty bless you and your family.

  3. Technology may seem to make life tougher, but in the long run, it always does make life easier. Just imagine how much peace of mind you will have once those blood tests are done....

  4. You are right. What I feel is that technology makes life tougher when it is NOT used properly. S/ws has to be simple and user friendly that every one can use it without actually 'learning' the s/w. In many scenarios I come across in US, the receptionists are really bad/very slow in using the S/W where they are inputting the info.

    If technology is designed upfront for a 'layman' use then it would not make life tougher anymore. :)

  5. well, an interesting observation by you....


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