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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Joining Reading Club!

I am glad to let you know that Liya and I are joining reading club  as we were warmly invited by Salma- Rainbow's Mommy! Thank You so much Salma for the initiative.

So stay tuned to hear about different 'stories' we read together over weeks- Insha Allah (If is God's will)! 

What's it All About?
The reading club is quite informal. Chasing Rainbow will post the Book of the week on her blog’s slider on Wednesdays. You and your little one will have a whole week to read the story. Then on the following Wednesday, write a short (very short) post about the book and post it on your blog. Then simply link back to Chasing Rainbow.
Read More on Reading Club!

 Book of this week is Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. 

New Post: Liya's story time with Goodnight moon.


  1. Hello dear Liya (& Nishana)...salam alaikum. I am sorry that I missed the link up this morning, BUT, the computer issues that I have been facing are just not going away.

    Thanks so much for this post. I hope by next week we will no longer have the dreaded computer issues.

    I hope you enjoyed the story.

  2. Waalikkum Salaam sis,

    We did enjoy our story time. Here is our experience. Thank you for the initiative

  3. Hope you are njoying reading it!! Smiles to Liya ^_^

  4. Madhumathi >> Yes she enjoys reading and insists me to read out her books very often.. :P


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