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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Book of the Week : : Goodnight Moon

Liya and I have been reading 'Good Night Moon' for past many days and more frequently in last week (as it was selected as Book of the Week by reading club). We often watched the video version in youtube as well.

Mommy's First Impression...?  Honestly, my first impression wasn't that good. I did not like the book at first sight and kept wondering if a toddler can ever relate these illustrations with real time objects. I had a false impression that kids need pictures/photographs rather than illustrations, but Liya proved I was wrong!

Mommy's take on it (...later on)? Well, it is a simple masculine rhyme, which 'rhymes' about various objects in a great green room and saying good night to each of them. It is a very much illustration based, less text heavy and colorful, thus appealing to a toddler. It is a board book and makes me happy that Liya would not tear its pages so easily. It is very handy for her as it is light weight and small in size.

How did we go about? I sang [I mean read loudly :D] each line and pointed to Liya where the object lies in the picture. I also pointed and announced the names of few objects in the 'room' which where not listed in the song- for example books, dolls, toy giraffe on the shelf, rabbit, table, bed, lamp etc. Later on, I sang it and asked her to point in each one. Lately, she has acquired a habit that she holds my finger and points to each object and pronounce the names.

Liya's take...?  Liya loves books (as she says Bukkaa) otherwise also. Almost all the times she carries one or other book in her hand. She loves this book so much that, whenever she falls cranky and if I tell her 'Liya, where is your good night moon' she stops crying and gets the book and turns the pages. She learned the names of many objects by listening to the rhymes, she can find out everything in the picture too - Masha Allah!

Interestingly, she knows where the ballon is in the pic and she pronounces it as 'Ballaboo..' but doesn't know what is 'red' when I say red balloon. She finds both mittens and socks are same- does get confused with mitten and kitten (pronunciation) too. At times, seems confused at the half and full moon as she has never seen half moon on the sky whenever she looks at.

It is a bedtime story, meant to be a soothing sleeping pill, but I never used it while she is in bed. I am sure that she is gonna jump out from bed and read it herself if at all I show her in bedtime. So I stick to singing rhymes during her bed times. So we DO sing 'Good nights' during day..Lol!

Video Version...? Liya enjoyed the youtube video too - she was happy to see her fav book in my lappy. She tried to sing along with Susan! I did not encourage watching video very often as I always keep a time duration for 'technology' use for her– but yes no limitations on reading books. The good thing about video is that it zooms in each object in the 'green room' as it was said in audio.

In the Great Green Room, there was a...

 A Short Video

 Posted as a part of Book of the Week initiative by Chasing Rainbow.  Head over and read Rainbow's reading experience.

Resources:  You Tube Video | Author's Website | Amazon | Publisher - HarperCollins (India, US)

Chasing Rainbow


  1. Salam alaikum,

    Thank you Liya for reading along with Rainbow and I.

  2. Waalikum Salaam sis,

    It's our pleasure!

  3. Nishana .. :D you are tagged here :)


    Blessings to liya :)
    Cheers ^_^

  4. Thank You very much! I will look into details shortly. :)

  5. My daughter loves this book! I gave it to her when she was about 18 months old and she still loves to look for the little mouse!
    Thank you for stopping by and listing your blog! I would love if you grabbed my button as well!

  6. What a helpful article! I need to read more of your posts. Our daughters are about the same age and I've been looking for fun new books she might enjoy ;)


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