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Friday, October 22, 2010

Another long drive HYD --> CLT

 Yes, as I mentioned in my previous post, we vacated our flat and drove down to hometown in the very next day early morning. I had planned to prepare and carry lunch and break fast and hence got up really early. After a while Liya also got up and she started screaming. She was not comfortable to sleep in the room without cot and bed. She did not like the idea of sleeping in the floor on the blanket and did not get a sound sleep too.
She was crying terribly, as if she doesn't want to leave Hyd. She gave us such a bad time, we had to fill in car with our left out luggages. She did not care about anything but became demanding that ever. We were forced to start later than we planned. As soon as we started journey, she slept peacefully in her infant car seat!

Photo: On the way, during lunch break
We had a pleasant drive from Hyd to Calicut. I always love Hyd- Blore highway, it is well built and beautiful, with very less number of vehicles in the road. One of the rare places in India where you can drive in the maximum speed your car can afford..:) First time ever in my life time I drove above 100kmh atleast for some time!

We reached Bangalore by 5 in the evening. We spent night with our family friend Fazal uncle and family. Liya, Aysha and Nehan had a great time together. They played together. Liya learned few things during the short one night stay. Liya learned to climb steps from there, watching Nehan and Ayesha doing it. She learned to move her finger and say no no.

We started early by 6.am  next day. Another day time travel from Blore to Calicut. The journey was good too. Thank God, we did not come across any problems or lose our way. We reached home by 5.00 in the evening. All at home were eagerly waiting for us!

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