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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Empty house...

As we are traveling to abroad for few months, we packed up all house hold items back to our homeland and decided to drive down. The 'packing and moving' day was just an hectic day in my life. We were shifting through a professional packers and movers service. Liya was extremely happy to see the house where everything was shattered and no more child proof. She ran between the big carton boxes, she did mouth every small thing she came across... It was all exciting things for her, she didn't know what's happening though.She tried to 'pack' her dress and toys in the small bags too.. :)

Photo: Liya sleeping in her car seat in the balcony while packing and shifting was progressing inside house!!

She was all upset once the house went empty! She had no furniture to roll over.. nothing on the floor to mouth.. More over the echo in the empty house was scaring too..

While sitting in the empty house, it reminded me of the first few days in Hyd, just after our wedding... when we both came together to Hyd and started life in an empty house, we gradually set up the house.. I was sitting in the empty house for first 2-3 days alone, when Jazeel was off to work.

The only difference is that, I have Liya around me...she keeps exploring and moving so that I have to have an eye on her...keeps me engaged and alerted.

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