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Friday, November 12, 2010

Flying to US: Part 1

At last the most awaited day-29th Oct 2010 - the long journey to US - reached and I must say that I was very much anxious about hundred things around Liya and could not actually enjoy the excitement. I could not anticipate how my little girl would handle the 18 hours long flight journey, the waiting in the airports, immigration lines etc. But, thank god, it turned out to be a wonderful trip, she enjoyed sleeping in the basinet, and I could kill my time looking at her innocent face..:)

As it was the last day of my vacation at my home in Kerala, we had a morning flight to catch up from Coimbatore to Hyderabad. We left home very early, almost 4 in the morning. Another long car journey, which lasted four hours. She was sleeping peacefully in her car seat and that was when we were about to cross Kerala boarder she got up and started crying. Nothing could stop her, and the fact is that the tone of it got worse over few minutes. She refused to have her food too. My dad simply asked her whether she wants biscuits. All of a sudden she stopped crying and smiled. He stopped the car and bought her a packet of biscuit and she started eating happily. She finished 2 or 3 of them and fell asleep.

We had a pleasant trip. Jazeel was waiting for us in the airport. It was for first time in last 9 months she was staying away from him. It was such a cute moment when she saw him airport, she was paused for few seconds and looked at him (it reminded me of the scenes in some movies when the heroine sees hero after long time OR the same scene I have scene in my childhood in the eyes of mothers in my village when their sons return from gulf after 3 or 4 years). Her eyes asked him so many questions- where were you.. I have been missing you... etc etc.. After few seconds of her silent communication she jumped into his arms and started playing.

We reached home by 2 o clock. We had our packing to do. She was happy to mess up with the things around her. When I was carefully separating and packing each bag, she eagerly came with few of her clothes. She separated her clothes out and started filling the bags.

At night, my boss Geeta, Ripul and their naughty boy Kathir had come to meet us. Geeta gifted her a soft cute puppy toy, she loved it and held tight with her soft hands..Hmm.. girls are always girls..:)

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