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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Flying to US: Part 2- At Hyderabad airport

We reached Hyderabad airport at 12.00 o'clock in the night. Liya was already in her deep sleep mode, and she was peacefully sleeping on my shoulder. Things moved much faster and everything was normal until we reach immigration counter. There was a long queue, and I was waiting a bit away from queue, taking care of 2 cabin bags, 2 laptop bags and my little girl. Jazeel was standing in the queue, waiting for our turn. Little Liya might have been under an impression that she is sleeping in her bed, in our home and never knew that she is at the door steps of a long journey.

Like she does in the bed, she attempted to turn and roll, but she could not. She slept again, and I was relieved. But her sound sleep did not last long and again she got the idea of turning and rolling. She tried again again, and she just did not gave up. Suddenly she started screaming and pulled herself out from my hands. Nothing could stop her- people started looking at me with anger. The security guard stared at me and later he was getting irritated too. To my wonder, he did not even offer me a chair rather he shouted at me in Telugu. It is such a painful moment when your child creates nuisance to people around and you left alone with no quick solution.

I am ashamed to say, but the fact is that throughout our journey we had the privilege of traveling with a kid, except in Hyderabad airport till we finish check- in and immigration. Ground staffs at boarding area in Hyd airport, Doha and Washington airports, staff in the flights etc every one helped us make the trip wonderful (except the staff in the immigration area at Hyd international airport).

It was when some one in the queue shouted at him about his rude behavior, the guard was kind enough to offer me a chair, and by the time Liya had almost settled down. Then it was a long waiting for boarding call and she was peacefully sleeping in my lap.

The flight was at 4.00 am. Before the boarding was announced, they made sure that the lady on a wheel chair (looked as if she is going to get some treatment) was taken to flight. The next was the turn of parents traveling with infants. So we were taken into the flight much earlier before the boarding time. This ensured that we did not get lost in the 'rush' while people get in and find suitable place for their belongings. We were offered the seat in the first row itself. This was because the first row did have a bassinet facility.

She was awake by the time and refused to have food. She was looking all around with her big eyes trying to understand what was going on. After a while she had her food and fell asleep again. The flight was about to take off, it was Qatar Airways, and we were flying to Doha. The flight was too small, it did not even look as spacious as the domestic flights in India. They just had two rows, hence only 2 kids could get bassinets. Luckily we had checked in very early so that we happened to be one of those lucky parents. How nice it is to see your baby having a pleasant journey regardless of the difficulties of long air journey.

There were many kids did not get a front row and bassinet. So most of them were screaming throughout journey- probably they could not digest the idea of sleeping in moms lap in the congested flight- or could be that they did not understand why their nap and food routines are suddenly altered without informing them.

And finally our 'bird' left Hyd airport. Slowly I fell asleep too. Yes, I did not have much to do. I strongly believe that we should never opt night hours to travel, and especially if it is air journey (even though you have nothing much to see outside..). I was just wondering how could I forget to take a book in my cabin bag- hmmm could be baby effect- !!

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