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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Trip to US- Part 3: At Doha

It took almost 5 hours to reach Doha. We were served with Indian style breakfast from the flight. It was morning 6.30 in Doha. The airport was really crowded. There were huge number of people travelling to US itself. Like any mom in the world, my first concern was finding the baby changing room and getting Liya ready with new diapers and dress. Whomever I asked, did not either understand English or I did not understand the 'Arabic' version of english.

We had a tight travel schedule. Our next flight to Washington DC was scheduled to take off after 2 hours. There were long queues in the rest room area and in the baby changing area as well. Like I expected, I heard people speaking Malayalam everywhere, did not feel like I actually left Kerala.

 Just after getting Liya ready, we moved into the waiting area for US passengers. The security checkin was about to start when we  reached the area and there were so many queues and looked like 5 or 6 snakes crawling through. The moment we reached near one of the queues, a security guard peeped through the gate and asked us to come inside. It was so relaxing for me. Leaving hundreds of passengers there we got to move to security area first - yes, privilege of travelling with an infant!

Liya was enjoying the new place and a 'market' like rush inside the airport area. She was looking all around and commenting in her own language. Like earlier, here also we were able to board much before other passengers and were offered the first row itself. Luckily, we were seated at the left side, in the first 'compartment' itself, which gave Liya lot of freedom to move around, and did not face much rush while people walked through.

And finally the 'long' journey is on! 18 hours continuous and non-stop!

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