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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Trip to US- Part 4: Up in the air, over Me, Eu and US

It was around 9 am in Doha, our flight was already in the air. This flight was really vast and suited for a long journey. But I did not like the 'service' though.

Looking through the window, I could only see vast, terrific, dry terrain- so called desert. The scene was the same for many hours.  I was scanning through the route map in the screen and was imagining life in each country upon which we were flying through. Few hours later, I could see only ocean. For some time, I recalled few flight crash stories, with a slight fear in my mind. What otherwise I could do in such a long air journey.

Interestingly I could find 2 or 3 Malayalam movies in the TV menu. There were so many Hindi, English movies as well. But I did not watch any. I believe air journey is not a time to watch movie. You can not enjoy it, indeed it can be only a time killer. There were so many cartoons, but Liya did not find interest in those either- may be because watching cartoon makes her sit some where and she won't be able to 'roam' around.

We were served with breakfast again. This time, it was pure Arabian food. I must say that it was tasty. Liya got up in between, and she messed up our breakfast. She was all excited and awake. She appeared quite fresh and smart. She played in the floor, crawled all over, pushed papers/towels/spoons etc from the pocket in front of her. She played with her toys for a while and threw them.

She was enjoying each moment, must be because she was getting her parents to pay careful attention to each small thing she does and to encourage her. Majority of the travel time, she spent on sleeping.

Finally our flight entered the country of USA. While the flight was descending, the terrain below appeared to be all set to welcome winter. Very few trees were got leaves, or others were having beautiful colorful leaves waiting for their turn to fall down and welcome snow!

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