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Friday, January 15, 2010

At my dad's house

At my dad's house..

I landed my paternal home on 45th day on my life on planet earth and didn't know show any disturbances of place change. I spent almost a week there. Lots of people visited me during the days I spent over there. People over there surrounded me with tremendous love and care. My aunt's 3 year old daughter- my deedi- Diya was also there at home. We both had a good time together. She sang lots of rhymes for me.. I didn't know to sing, but I did enjoy. I made my special noises like 'aaa, oohh,' to show my happiness. I cooed along with her song. She was really happy to see that I enjoy her singing and so she sang very often for me.

She played with me, tried to make me happy by squeezing and jiggling her toys, to make different sounds. She didn't allow me to touch any of them, but she played those for me.. :)

She is really cute..!!
With my cousin Diya

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