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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Liya attends a wedding

It was on 42nd day of her birth my sister got married (it was her Nikah, and actual reception is to follow later. The marriage was fixed in the first week of her birth. Lots of preparations were going on in my house for about two weeks before wedding - cleaning, painting walls, changing furniture etc. On the day before marriage she got her second round of vaccination done. The calm and cool little girl cried for about 2 hours that day. Her thighs were swollen and were paining. She cried terribly and everybody felt sad as she rarely cries. Yeah, whenever she cries everyone in the house stays near her because she cries very very rarely and that hurts all around her.

On the wedding day she was tired due to previous day's 'pricks'. She slept through the day and didn't care about the hundreds came into her maternal house, or the Nikah happened. Our photographer had made lots of attempts to capture her pic with her eyes open, but she didn't give him a chance till evening.

Liya on her aunt's wedding day eve!

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