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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Active girl

Liya has been pretty calm and cool baby so far. She is spending most of her time in sleeping. Was quite tired and passive for almost 2-3 days after her NICU stay. When she was almost 20-21 days old, she appeared very active and pleasant whenever she is awake. Her hobby during that time was pushing her hip and rotating in her bed 360 degree. She just didn't like any one interrupting her. I tried to keep pillows and block her way as I have heard this is too early for an infant to do so. Myself, the worried mom thought she might get injured during her push-move activities. But she was really uncomfortable with my deeds and cried terribly. She pushed herself upward, by holding her hand firmly on floor too. She had started making loud noise as well..cooing.. babbling..

Later, I left it to her "it's her wish" she continued this 'game' for more than 3 months. :)

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