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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The naughty Liya at another wedding..!!

As I had mentioned earlier, my sister's Nikah was over almost 8 months back, and now it is the time for wedding reception. I was in two minds about attending the function, firstly because of the hectic travel from Hyd to back home, with no direct flights to Calicut. Secondly, I was afraid of Liya being lived in her own structured world, getting into a hectic travel schedule and being over loved in a crowd which haven't seen her for a while.

Finally I decided to attend the function and as I expected the latter turned out to be terrible than I could ever imagine. She was overwhelmed by the flood of sudden, unconditional love toward her and the pats and pinches on her naughty chubby cheeks. She had lost control over her sleeping and eating patterns, which were quite structured otherwise. It was raining heavily throughout the day so that I could not take her out from the crowd to show the beauty of her homeland. More over she was tired by traveling from Hyd to Coimbatore airport and then back home by car for about 5 hours.

I didn't meet most of my closest relatives, missed chatting with good old school friends and lost chances to pass a pleasant smile to the distant relatives whom I meet only in weddings, that too very rarely...

Two things she liked during the trip was 1) n number of cats at home which she considered like automatically moving and noisy toys 2) playing with her only one cousin sis Diya and few other kiddus she met on wedding day.

Amazingly, the pappa's sweety girl turned out to be mamma girl, and actually didn't find security with her Pappa as well. So strange!

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  1. When we go to crowded place with the kid, the whole schedule changes.
    It is so difficult take care of yourself and the kid. The strain increases by 'x' factor.
    Anyway, the happiness of attending the function and showing the kid to all your relatives gives immense satisfaction


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