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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Liya @ 8-9 months

She changed drastically over these days, from the peaceful kidu to a naughty little girl.

- She learned to wave bye by 8 months of her birth
- She blows kiss
- Her first two teeth are out, and the third one is on its way.
- She is able to walk by holding onto something and she loves walking by holding our hands.
- She is able to stand holding onto anything with one hand and keeps second hand free.
- Trying to stand without support, and falling down..:)
- Babbling, trying to speak out for everything she sees around her.

- Recently she started crawling as well.
- She is an expert in using her walker within two days of getting it. Now she runs it really fast, learned all the activities to do with that.
- She plays hide and seek with any piece of clothe she come across
- She is an expert in 'taking all clothes' out from her wardrobe basket and giving extra work for her caretaker
- She says 'Hello' to herself if phone rings anywhere
- She loves going out but cries once we get back home
- She loves kids, equally loves to pull their hair. Seems like she is gonna really naughty
- She crawls near to water filter and keeps it pipe open, and shows her hand below the falling water.
- Few words she understands only if I use Urdu word.
- She know to show her dislike to anything, especially her toys.(Of course she loses interest in any toy within 5 minutes)
- She gets irritated if we wait in the traffic signals on red.
- She knows that the car is stopped while running means that it is the time to get out. She rushes to her dad's hands as soon as the vehicle is stopped.
- She generally dislike some people for no reason (or I could not figure out the reason), also likes some strangers for no reason.
- She is a cleanliness freak: cleans her wardrobe, anything blocking her way on the floor, bed, chair etc. She mops water on the floor with a piece of clothe.
- She is a 'great' dancer, knows many different steps and loves dancing with any crap music played (even with the rhymes I sing for her).
- She hates any 'extra fittings' up on her head. If you try to wear her a cap or a hair band, you can see it in her hands in the very next moment.

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