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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Liya's attitude towards strangers

She loves few strangers for no reasons, and hates few others again for no reason. Few days back my neighbor (who comes home once in a month,if she is in need of any help), came home and started praising the kiddu "she is such a lovely peaceful baby, I have never heard her crying.. bla, bla..'. Little Liya was listening to her. My neighbor touched on her chubby cheeks, and the next moment she started crying. She just didn't like it!

I somehow made her calm and went to office. After 2 hours her caretaker called me saying 'Liya hasn't stopped crying yet, she seems to be afraid and very cranky'. I had no other option than heading back home and finding out the reason. I was afraid that she is caught by some illness. The moment she saw me, she smiled and got into my lap. Started playing. But she didn't even allow me to go to bathroom or have my food. She seems to be afraid that the neighborhood lady will come in again to touch her cheeks. :)

Two days back, as I was not keeping well, she and her paappa had to take me to hospital early in the morning (4.00 am). even though we had to interrupt her sleep in that emergency situation, she was pretty okay with that. She was happy to be in the hands of nurses, played with them. smiled at the doctors.

I'm yet to figure out on what basis she likes or dislike people!

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